Relationship between Systems Theory and Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.

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Discussion of the relationship between systems theory and healthcare delivery in the U.S.

System theory is a science that studies systems. System theory studies the way systems communicate, how they are successful or why they fail. Given this information it is obvious how systems theory can be applied to health care. Health care delivery is a system. The health care delivery system is composed of many different parts. Doctors, nurses, social workers, patients, family, pharmacists, government programs to name just a few. The health care system is responsible for life and limb so must work cohesively. Studying the healthcare system and applying the systems theory helps healthcare delivery increase optimal patient outcomes in the U.S.(Petula, 2005)

Discussion of the relationship between diffusion of innovation theory and the change process within healthcare delivery in the U.S.

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Diffusion of innovation theory explains how new information including new technology spreads through a culture. Diffusion of innovation theory explains how the imformation is introduced, communicated and applied. Diffusion of innovation theory also explains how long it takes for the information to be communicated, spread, as well as by whom and why. The study of this theory helps many industries create change within their systems.

This theory can be applied to almost any situation where new imformation and innovation needs to be introduced successfully. Diffusion of innovation theory is very important on how evidence based practice is introduced to the the U.S. healthcare field. By understanding how evidence based information and innovation is accepted and implemented we can increase the likelyhood that it will be accepted and used. Quick adoption of evidenced based care can optimize patient outcomes and satisfaction. Change within the U.S. health system can be difficult. Analyzing the change process through the diffusion of innovation theory can help the change in healthcare be more successfully done.

Discussion of the relationship between systems theory and current nursing practice

Current nursing practice is a result of the application of systems theory to nursing. Current healthcare's, as a result of systems theory,  focus is treating the processes of healthcare i.e. thecommunication of the various heathcare parts as important as the parts themselves. It  is not enought to hire the best care givers but to make sure the care givers have the best tools to use to work together in the most optimal  manner. Interdisciplinary relationships in healthcare are important and supported under systems theory. Systems theory supports  interdisciplinary collaboration and behavioral compatency as well as skill compentancy.(Petula, 2005)

Discussion of the relationship between diffusion of innovation theory and current nursing practice

Much of the new information related to improving healthcare rely on the understanding of Innovation theory. With the understanding  of how healthcare innovation is introduced and implimented, a new or healthcare innovation can be incorporated quickly and reach  successfully the goal of implimentation, quality improvement, and optimal patient outcomes in healthcare. Understanding diffusion of  innovation theory can help Supervisors and other implementors of change provide the necessary tools for change to occur among nurses.

Diffusion of Innovation theory in current nursing practice is especially needed with the changes that nursing is going through at this time in history. With the courtywide implementation of the electronic medical record mandated by the U.S. government as well as the Affordable Healthcare Act the understanding of how to succefully implement these changes in nursing is very important. With the mandate of the government in place diffusion of innovation theory is and will be an important tool in the success of incorporating new nursing skills into the
nursing profession.

Summarization of the search strategies used to acquire information on the specified theories

My primary tool in searching for systems theory was Google. In this way I was able to garner multiple sites dedicated to systems theory. When I wanted to tie systems theory into nursing I added the word nursing to systems theory in the search bar. In this manner I was able to view many articles from nursing journals about systems theory and how it related to nursing.

I was also able to view information on systems theory on Wikipedia. I conducted similar searches for diffusion of innovation theory. I googled diffusion of innovation theory first then incorporated nursing into the search bar to receive information on how they tie into each other. CINAHL was also used in my searches.

It was fairly easy to use but not as easy as google. I was impressed with how much information specific to nursing was available. With CINAHL when conducting my searches there were a few more steps. The first step was to log onto the WGU site then log onto the library. I also had to click on the Federated database search then choose CINAHL. There was a search bar where you can enter your subject matter and add tie ins such as mine, nursing.

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