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Comfort Zones Znd See no Point in Changing

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Nowadays we live in a world, where change is an integral part of human life. Fortunately or unfortunately things change constantly - jobs end, as well as relationships. couples bond in marriage, and couples get divorced, and friendship ends. The question is if you are capable to adapt to changes. I believe that our life only gets better by change First things first , I am convinced change affects all aspects of life. Changes happen everywhere. At home, at your working place, in friendship, in your team at work. I believe that today we have a lot of people, who are not capable to adapt to the changes. I am sure it happens because people are not prepared for changes or they never want anything to change. They just reached that comfort zone and they do not see the point in changes.

I believe that sometimes people just afraid of changes, sometimes people do not realize, that we and our lives became much stronger when we embrace change and manage these challenges in a positive way, than hide away and ignore the opportunities these challenges can bring to our lives. However, talking about changes in the working environment. this is one of the most difficult changes to deal with. Surely its always hard to leave your team , with who you used to work, with whom you had a special chemistry and go onto new collective. To help employees adapt to changes , companies can create special dinners between their workers, where they can find common ground. And of course office parties, which bring people closer together

Furthermore, In fact changes may be good as well as bad. And in my life I had both of them. From my personal life experience, i concluded, that I never have to regret anything. Because regrets have a huge impact on how we respond to change, surely they hold you back in life. In my opinion, letting go of your regrets is key to you being able to move forward in life. Moreover even in the worst moments i always try to look for positive sides. I believe, whatever happens, happens for the best. To be honest , I think those two abilities actually help me adapt to changes In the conclusion . i would like to say change is an integral part of human life. And people should not stay inside their comfort zone and be afraid of changes. People should be capable to adapt to changes

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