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As per Tom’s observations, there is mismanagement in running the club due to a lack of clarity in rights and duties of the committee members. In order to maintain the situation to make the club run smoothly there is a need to revise the whole structure but problem is that it may result into a dispute between the committee members and the new general manager, i.e. Tom. So Tom has to develop a plan with the advice of the president while ensuring an equal engagement of committee members too.

When we ensure an engagement of an individual in making new policies we not ensure the acceptance of his/her existence in the company but also avoid a number of possible conflicts too. Thus by the involvement of the committee members in planning a clear cut picture of each and every authority’s duties and rights, Tom will be able to prevent committee chairpersons from overstepping their authority. Since a club working is a team working so communication at each level become more important to strengthen the team as well as to create an attitude of group functioning. In these conditions of a kind of mismanagement in the club, it becomes more important to solve the issues through a productive approach rather than annoying and disappointing anyone.

The members of a team and work group develop particular methods of interacting with each other over time. Efficient interpersonal communication among group members and successful communication with in the planning and executive body are critical components of group functioning. (Susan. M. Heathfield).

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Although Tom has a faithful intention behind the application of a new plan, but it will be a deduction in the authorities of the chairpersons of the committee so Tom will definitely face a problem at that time. At that time Tom has to play a role of a very good speaker by mentioning that the reputation and smooth run of the club is more important than any other factor which is related to an individual. By the open conversation Tom should try to get feedback of all the committee persons in regard to make the club’s working smoother and a better place. In that process of answering this Tom as well as the president will be able to find out that who is willing to make the club a better place and who is not. By this open discussion Tom will be able to handle all the hurdles which are preventing the smooth run of the club.

After the open discussion of all the problems and about the betterment of the club Tom can suggest a written paper which will be presenting a well defined structure of responsibilities and authorities of each and every member of the committee. For this suggestion nobody can have an objection because it has been discussed previously and once it has been approved by all the members it may be presented in a legal paper with the initials of all the members which will ensure two things, one is that all members are agree with all the points and facts mentioned in the paper and second one is that the company ensures the contribution of each and every member in planning and its execution.

Thus nobody has a point either to raise a question against the drafted duties and authorities or a point to get disappointed, so by this way Tom can handle all the problems very smoothly even without hurting anyone’s feelings or indulging in any kind of dispute.

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