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In close analysis of Nick’s character discuss whether he is Offreds saviour or her down fall

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Offred changes people names to hide their true identity for many people like Luke she uses bible names, Mathas are another example of this. However, there is one exception to this and that is Nick, which is another name for the devil.

Due to the new Gilead system Offred has lost Luke who was a huge part of her life. She had no one to talk to she felt isolated her only need that was being fulfilled was sex but without touching "nobody dies from lack of sex its lack of love we die from." Then all of a sudden her knight in shinning armour came into her life and changed everything round her he released her. He is the romantic element and the human factor that she can relate to the stuff that all good fairy tales are made from.

Nick is the driver for the commander and lives in a room above the garage by himself. He has a French face, lean with all the angles and "creases around his mouth where he smiles." He dresses in dark clothes so if she wants to fantasise about him she can, tall, dark and handsome.

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In close analysis of Nick’s character discuss whether he is Offreds saviour or her down fall

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Nick is mysterious to us at first as we did not know if he an eye or not he wears the uniform of the Guardians but his "cap is tilted at a jaunty angle and his sleeves are rolled to the elbow." This suggests that he is rebellious and likes defying the system "he has a cigarette stuck in the corner of his mouth." He does not fit into the Gilead system and is a dangerous character to Offred due to his manner.

When they first meet there is an instant attraction between the two. He winks at her in the window, he touches her foot when they are praying when she moves it away to see if it was an accident he does it again he has a bit of fun. Despite this he takes unnecessary risks when he doesn't even know her "He's just taken a risk, but for what?" and taking such risks could be the downfall to Offred "He begins to whistle. Then he winks." The penalty for these notions is too extreme to be taking any chances and even little things such as winking and touching could result in her being sent to the colonies. They just aren't worth it.

When they both meet illegally at night unintentionally they kiss and give into there urges but then push each other away again. This is the start of their relationship and they keep going back to each other after Serena-joy arranged for them to spend the night together. The first time was mainly business but she kept going back it was something to live for and someone to live. She wanted to be touched so badly "we make love not sex" and there is a clear line between these two. The situation is very dangerous for them both which makes it more exciting and increases the strong sexual attraction between them.

Things are further complicated by Offreds feelings for Luke. She didn't consider her relationship with the commander as betraying Luke but she does her relationship with Nick she wanted it to happen. She keeps going back but if he really cared about her then he would stop it because he wouldn't want her to get caught. But he keeps doing it and doing it he keeps tempting her.

Offred puts a lot of trust in him at an early stage she tells him her real name, which he uses to his advantage towards the end when he comes and rescues her. This shows a sign of trust .

Nick is also very jealous when the commander and Offred are together he gets he spies on her. If this jealousy develops you don't the consequences he could kill her or turn her in. It could have developed like this.

In conclusion Nick saves her because he takes her away at the end. He also releases her from the pressure and tension of Gilead. He tries to make everything feel as normal as possible the way it used to be by having a relationship the sneaking around is like a stimulant but Offred should be used to it due to her affair with Luke. He also gets her pregnant which means that even if he didn't save her at the end it meant that she wouldn't have to go to the colonies. However, he does take huge risks, which would mean that he is endangering his and her life for cheap thrills such as winking and touching her foot.

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