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Classifications of Students Students are defined as curious humans who would crave to learn mostly about everything that occurs in this world and that will happen. Like normal humans, students also have different attitudes and characteristics which are commonly alike which causes them to be divided into five different groupings, the 'queen/king bees', the 'bullies', the 'universals', the 'nerds' and the 'losers'. In order to further know about these groups, they should be defined. To start with...

The 'queen/king bees' which consists of talented, smart, beautiful/handsome, rich and popular, but at the same time hardhearted and prejudice prejudice students. Most of them are mean because they feel their intense power to control students who are lower than them. They are mostly praised and are what I call the 'heartthrobs' they make boys/girls crazy in love with them which causes them to have stalkers. Some of them are dumb and the factors that may have raised them up are their money or their beauty. They can also be called bullies but they're bullies in a less destructive and social ways.

They are mostly seen in special rooms, libraries and common classes but they are always infront. Next, the 'universals'. They are the friend of all, from queen/king bees to the losers,except the bullies because bullies are real bad to everyone. The persons that are inclusive to the universals are talented, optimistic, smiling, jolly, lively and smart and they are mostly respected as well but they are pure in heart that they never want to be prejudice and they never want to underestimate anyone who are lower than them.

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They are the kind of students which are well taught in character building and they are the ones who can be true friends despite of the differences. They are mostly seen everywhere Then here comes, the 'nerds' which are crazy smart and almost know everything out of anything! They are fond with books and computers. They are mostly silent and weird looking. Almost all of them are bullied, sometimes they become 'the bully's nerd' which means they are used by bullies in return, they wouldn't be bullied.

Their jobs to the bullies are more on paper works because all pure bullies are dumb and the only thing they know is to hurt. They are mostly seen in the library and computer libraries. Speaking of the 'bullies', they are the ones who are less understood. Most of them hurt others because that maybe what they learned from their houses or experience. They see other people or students as their outlets of their hatred that they can't express to the ones they hated. They are totally dumb and never wants to study.

They hurt all students except the queen/king bees and the universals because they fear to hurt the ones who can stand up against them. They are mostly seen in the detention class or summer class. And last but not the least, the 'losers'. They are dumb, untalented and mostly get themselves in trouble. They are mostly hopeless about their future. They are ones who are very bullied. Usually, their friends are their co losers or the nerds but their group befriending a nerd is a very unusual tandem. They are mostly seen in detention class with the bullies or in the normal class right at the middle or back.

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