Choices of assessment tools and techniques

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Once the recruitment method has been identified then the next step is to determine how the applicants will be evaluated. There are several factors to consider when coming up with the assessment tool which in other words may mean job specification. Skills, knowledge and attitudes that relate to the job forms the basis of these factors (http://www. contentwriter. in/articles/jobs-offbeat-careers/performance-assessment. htm). Other factors include experience possessed by the applicant. This is relevant to the job’s success as experience is key to performance provides other factors like motivation are enhanced.

Competencies which are necessary for job also should be considered. The other criteria used in assessing the would - be job holders is educational level and training. For technical jobs, this is necessary to the performance of the job. Similary in cases where future development of the job holder is required education and training becomes critical (International Journal of Selection and Assessment) . Overall process of decision making When job specification is ready the invitation for applications are sent out through the selection method.

Advertising in this case is done through press media, recruitment agencies, internet, and word of mouth, among others. These adverts detail how the application is to be done and when they are to be submitted to the organization. The process of decision making starts here because this step is intended to raise information about the applicants which is to be assessed. After receiving the applications short-listing is done and successful candidates are invited for interviews. During the interview information necessary to decide whether to pick on a candidate or not is collected.

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The interview panel looks critically at all interviewees’ qualifications in order to come up with the expected job holders. To fully conclude the process of decision making in recruitment and selection process the panelists have to use information collected from the applicants. They also consider information from the medical doctors who examined the candidates and also the validity of other checks as well as references (Human Resource Management Journal (UK)). Those who fully meet the set out criteria become the successful applicants.

The declaration of such candidates as successful terminates the decision making process for recruitment and selection function of human resource management.


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