All Children Can Learn and Most at High Levels

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One of the founding principles of the Kentucky Education Reform Act is the statement that “All children can learn and most at high levels. ” With many states having a significant achievement gap between diverse students, it is becoming more important to hold high expectations for all students. I believe that all children can learn and most at high levels. But my point is that not all the children can learn at high levels in the same field. As we know the student is the subject of education. Education aims to develope students' learning potential.

But children from different environments have differences in their physiology, intelligence, ability, aptitude, interest, personality traits and emotional development. Therefore some children may gain a great success in music while some others may in math. If we can educate them according to their personalities and individual needs, most children can learn at high levels. American educator John Dewey (John Dewey ,1859-1952) has pointed out that there are plasticity and dependency in the process of one’s growth.

This means that the development of a child has unlimited possibilities. The ancient Chinese educator, the Confucius put forward the idea that "No Child Left Behind" and " Teach students in accordance with their aptitude. " This can be regarded as the practice of the concept that "every child can learn and most at high levels". Therefore, whether ancient or modern, Western or Eastern, educators all hold the same concept. We want children to be able to learn and success, the key is the teacher.

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A professional, high-quality and enthusiastic teacher will be a good fortune to the children. This is why personal development is a necessity to teachers. During these years of teaching I met a lot of challenges to confirm the special needs of children and develope their learning confidence. I always try my best to help each child and encourage them. To teach a student well needs the effort of all parties including parents, teachers and communities.

As a home class teacher, I combine all the parties well to improve students' learning capacities and help them to form clear awareness of themselves. If the children in my class can tap all of their potentials, that will be a great success to me as a teacher. Nowadays, the competition is very fierce. Teachers have the obligation to educate their students to be more competitive in certain area in the society. We don’t have the right to give up any of the children. Today, we have to give up the child. Tomorrow, the child may give up the society. Society will pay a higher price.

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