What can you learn from this source about attitudes to women in Britain in 1914?

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Source A basically reveals that women should pressurise their husbands/sons to fight in the war. Women should support men in their war and encourage them to volunteer/enlist to fight in the war even if they don't want to. The Government are dependant on the women to get as many soldiers as possible to fight in this hostile war and this might help in getting the role of women in society to improve for the better.

The main purpose of this source is to get more men into war by manipulating peoples mind through propaganda, censorship, morale, patriotism, and Jingoism. Its one of the ways the Government tried to cope with the war-effect.

In title of the source to the 'YOUNG WOMEN OF LONDON' they have used bold, capital letters to emphasize that this source is directed at all the women in particular.

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In the first section it's tying to say that if your son isn't in military uniform, don't you think he should be (at the women)? They tried to show this by using a direct method of grabbing attention. The words YOU and THINK are in bold capital and underlined letters because to stress the point of recruiting more men into war by persuading their partner/women to make them go. It's like the government is pleading for recruitment.

In the second that are trying to say that if he can't be bothered to fight for beloved country and doesn't think it is worthy is he really worthy of being a son or husband who will be needed in later life. If he doesn't possesses the characteristics of being: strong, brave, willing, courageous and patriotic then he really can't be called a man. The word worthy is underlined and in bold capital letters to get this point across.

Thirdly in the next point it is trying to say you shouldn't feel sorry for lonely girls/wives because their husbands or sons are doing their rightful and lawful duty of fighting for their darling country. Also it is referring to the women as YOU which is in bold and underlined to tell them that their men are fighting for them and are repaying back their love for them. Being lonely for the women is actually better because they have a commanding role of running the family back home.

In the provenance it is basically if he doesn't fight for his country (monarchy) then the women will also be neglected and left. If they don't car about their country which gives them everything and how will they care about you. I think that the provenance is propaganda which is used to persuade and influence the minds of women.

Finally it says 'join the army TODAY' which is saying that that women should convince the men so quickly that they instantly join the army.

In conclusion I think that the attitudes to women in Britain in 1914 wasn't much better as they were only were dependant by the Government in recruiting more men to war.

Some women might not want to send their husbands to war and were forced as other families did and if they didn't; their family reputation would be diminished. Others might argue that the attitudes changed because they had more family responsibilities and ran the house by paying the taxes, bills and working in factory. Also they might say that they have been treated well as women and have become more dependant and useful.

Q3 Study Source C

This Poster produced in 1915

I think that this poster is produced in 1915 because it has been one year in to the war and as Britain is coping with the war effects its wants more recruitment.

The source is basically about women doing their bit for the war and they are getting themselves recruited.

The purpose of this source is to get more men and women to help in fighting the war and is trying to say if a woman is doing it then more should do as they are doing it for their beloved country. Another reason it could be produced is that they want more women to work in factories and this in a way changed their role as by 1915, the new style of war meant needed them to fill in the gaps left by men such as working in factories, T-unions etc. Women were helping the war effort by doing jobs such as: Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) or First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY), and as drivers, cooks, mechanics and land army. Many women 'munitionettes' worked in the government's munitions factories like it says on the poster' learn to make munitions' which is the most important job after the army of making the essential weapons needed to win the war.

This was one way the Government was organising/financing and running the war.

This picture essentially shows a happy women getting ready to put on her coat, ready to business for her country. This emphasizes patriotism and commitment the women are willing to take. In the background you can see people (men) leaving for the war and are getting cheered on as they go. This also shows the recruitment of soldiers the Government has made. Women also took on traditional men's jobs and became firemen, coalmen and bus conductors to keep everything going perfectly back home.

This was also a chance for women to shows that they can do men jobs and should have an improved role in society. This source compares with source b by because that this one is showing that women are doing their both whereas the other contrasts a bit and is saying women running land army will help win the war

In conclusion I think the main purpose of this poster was for the Government to get more recruitment, men and women.

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