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Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860–1935)

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Was an American novelist, lecturer, and public supporter of feminist reforms. Today when we speak of her we primarily recall her well-known short story “The Yellow Wallpaper”. This short novel is based on the personal experiences of the author when she had a mental distress which was treated in an erroneous and harmful way. However, there is much more in the short story than simply an account of an experience similar to the one that the writer had had.

Indeed, the story belongs to the list of perhaps the most outstanding pieces of the feminist literature, and the fact that such a powerful and impressive indignation of the author about the oppressed position of women in the male dominated society of the nineteenth century was voiced in time when many of social changes in the sphere of women`s social equality were even not yet thought of testifies to the great significance of the heritage of Charlotte Perkins Gilman for the modern feminist movements.

One of the chief themes of “The Yellow Wallpaper” relates to the completely inadequate attitude of the husband to his wife, a woman that apparently has a depressed condition after having given a birth to a child and who is the main protagonist of the short novel.

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In this regard, let us take a closer look at the evidence that shows that it was the heroine`s husband who drove his wife crazy, and at the symbolic meaning of this theme of the story. Sources Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. "The Yellow Wall-Paper". The Online Archive of Nineteenth- Century U. S.

Women's Writings, 1999, April 11 2006 ;http://www. facstaff. bucknell. edu/gcarr/19cUSWW/CPG/TYW. html;.

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