Characters in Othello: Colors and Shapes

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The color and shape I chose for Othello are silver and the indifferent shape. I thought about it for a while and this indifferent shape fits othello perfectly for many reasons. Like Othello this is the outsider of the group since it has no real shape. The shape’s physical appearance is different from the rest, just like Othello is since he’s a moor and has a different skin tone.

Towards the end of the third act Othello starts to lose his stern confidence front and his real insecurities come out. He shows that he feels not confined and proper enough for the whites. Also his age is another big insecurity that he feels when Desdemona’s faithfulness is in question. This relates to the indifferent shape of the group trying to front like its a shape when really it’s not. Silver best describes Othello with the following characteristics honorable, chivalrous,and romantic. These are displayed when Othello woo’s desdemona with his story and by his high ranking in the venetian army.

I chose lavender, pink, and a circle to represent Desdemona’s character. Desdemona represents perfection in the story with her looks and appearance. This is why the circle with no rough edges and a perfectly drawn out figure fits Desdemona perfectly. Desdemona is completely the opposite of Othello she comes from a prominent and perfect family. While Othello has grown up with no silver spoon, (even thou ironically thats his color), he was raised into slavery and the army. These trials and tragedies Othello overcame shaped him into the shape he is. Also like the inside of the circle Desdemona’s character lacks depth and seems somewhat empty. Some character traits Desdemona does display are affection for Othello when his life story moves her to the point of tears. She shows compassion by saying she will do whatever her lover asks of her and simply cannot say no to him. She also comes off as a romantic when she disobeys her father to be with her lover and runs off.

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The shapes and colors that best go with Cassio are yellow and a triangle. Cassio is a triangle in my opinion because he has a high stature which means everything to him. Like the stature of an equilateral triangle in math and if the triangle loses one angle it messes up the whole triangle. This is sort of like how Cassio messed up once in Othello’s eyes and lost everything. Yellow best fits Cassios’s character which is happy go lucky flirt. He was optimistic throughout the whole story and was very people orientated, maybe even too much. this was his biggest character flaw and his downfall thanks to Iago’s evil scheming.

Iago is the most evil character in the play hands down, but he might also be the smartest. I chose dark blue, black, and a square to represent him. Black is the color that represents evil which Iago is for turing everyone against each other and making evil conniving plans behind there back. Just because he’s evil doesn’t mean he’s not smart. Iago is very intelligent he single handedly played everyone. Like a square Iago seems things from every angle (front back and side to side) and has full vision. So dark blue which means intelligent, responsible, and self reliant seemingly fits him.

If I had to pick colors and a shape to represent me I would choose the same shape as Othello, beige and mint green. Although I didn’t choose the same shape as Othello for the same reasons. My reasoning behind my choice for that shape are I don’t really ever plan much out, I bend and just go with the flow. Also this shape is different from the rest and thats how I see myself, different from the rest. My colors represent me an the way I am which is more quiet and laid back than most people. These colors also fit my personality. Which I consider kind hearted and quiet even though I cant always make everyone happy I always try.

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