Characteristics and Qualities of a Hero

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Last Updated: 15 Nov 2022
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Many people have heroic qualities but being a hero and having heroic qualities are completely different. Being a hero is something that should come easily, like breathing. No one can learn how to be a hero and no one can teach it. A hero should know how to decide what is right, what is wrong, and what to stand for.

First, my hero would have to be brave both for herself and others. Able to take care of her family and her friends. When a problem comes about she would be brave enough to deal with it, without taking it out on others. She would be brave enough to stand for what she believes in and what she knows is right even if no one else does. My hero would be brave enough not to care about being cool or popular but understood and respected.

Second, she would be a leader and able to cope with the responsibilities that come with the role of leader. She would know right from wrong and how to deal with either with out abusing her power as a leader. As a leader people would respect her because they knew she was true to her beliefs. People would look up to her for what she stood for and fought for. This hero would be responsible for her actions and show her responsibility publicly. As a leader and a hero she would help the public with their problems.

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Finally, a true hero would be compassionate and caring for others and their needs. She would show compassion by working with charities, blood drives, food drives, and community service to help the homeless, the poor, and the abused. She would work hard to make others see what good could come out. My hero is neither alive nor dead and does not exist in the public eye; but if she did my hero would have many important qualities. My hero would be a brave, leading, compassionate person with the good of her community.

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