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The Qualities that Bullies Share

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Bullies have always been a threat to every kid in school, in a neighborhood and even to grown-ups in the workplace. A great number of films, most especially teen flicks, have stereotyped bullies as the students who are largely built to physically abuse much smaller students, football jocks who are very popular that every girl adores them and nerds fear them, and attractive girls who are as popular as the jocks who would pick on not-so attractive girls. However, these are merely stereotypes which are used for cinematic drama but they pose a good reflection of real life bullies.

Nonetheless, we cannot simply identify them by race, gender, age or the way they look yet they seem to share certain qualties which are common to bullies. These qualities may be seen in their physical looks, built, family background, and emotional stability. The Qualities that Bullies Share Bullying is defined as a “behaviour which consistently undemrines another's confidence, reducing feelings of self-worth and self-esteem” (Field, 51). This definition of the term already gives away an image of a bully.

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A bully cannot regularly be determined by simply judging his or her physical built but rather the person's emotional and psychological stability. One of the few qualities that bullies have in common is their immaturity in handling responsibilities. They try to be destructively critical of others to justify their inability to handle the situation themselves. For example, in school, a bully student could blame all the faults on his or her laboratory partner once their experiment fails. The bully's inability to accept his or her failure shows how irresponsible and immature the person is.

They try to cover up some personal vulnerabilities by picking and finding fault on others. They are always full of complaints without first analysing what their supposed role is. In relation to their immaturity and irresponsibility, another quality which can be present in a bully's personality are their insecurities in life. They always seem to have a vision that they are above others. They can be considered to be self-absorbed at some point as they would always target people who they think they can manipulate. They try to degrade other people's self-esteem thinking that they could boost theirs.

“He also injects his own insecurity which is then transferred to the victim” (Field, 52). They try to exhaust their insecurities to their victims to avoid having to face their emotional misery on their own. This behaviour in bullies shows how undeveloped their emotional stability is. They cannot handle emotionally-degrading situations so they they try to deal with it by turning them over to their victims. Their immaturity and insecurities are eating up what could have been an oppurtunity for their characters and skills to develop. Conclusion

Bullies do not have a particular face or look that one can easily pinpoint. They can be anyone in your surroundings who can produce a lot of destructive criticisms in a snap of a finger. They may not even be aware that they are committing an act of bullying. A bully is not always the fat guy in school or the handsome jocks portrayed on film. They are people who have problems trying deal with their incapacities by degrading others. Work Cited Field, Tim. Bully in sight: how to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying : overcoming the silence and denial by which abuse thrives. United Kingdom: Success

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