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Impromptu Speaking Feedback

non Boyd Impromptu speaking is not too bad Just trying to come up with a topic was a little anxiety. The feedback received was good they advised me I was very informative on my topic and my voice first was a little low, but once I got in to my speech it was better. I believe that my hardest part is dealing with certain words to pronounce and topics I do not know anything about when giving a speech.

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I do feel I need to Improve myself more concerning making speeches. I need to put more time on my preparation before my speeches, but sometimes there is not enough time, depending on the topic. Some speeches take longer than others Just depend on the speech and how long it needs to be. One thing I have learned with words I have trouble with is to draw a line between the letters to split them up when trying to say the word helps me.

I have had many experiences when it comes to concerning public speaking In my past that has helped me throughout the years at the beginning I was very shy and was afraid to even talk In front of people. Since then I have done several presentations at schools and other public places like projects working with senior citizens were had to present my project In front of them and relate to the fire apartment, and it was also put In the local newspaper.

I have also been a trainer for a few years with the company I work for that has helped me. I still get nervous when I do have to speak In front of people, afraid of forgetting what I am supposed to discuss or not saying certain words correctly. My memory Is not that good sometimes especially short memory because of my dillydally but I try my best. Note cards are easier they are a gulled to help present my speeches. I hope to learn more ways on how to give better speeches In this course and to Improve my confidence.