Becoming a Medical Assistant: A Career Choice Focused on Helping Others.

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All my life, I have always enjoyed helping people to the best of my ability. I graduated high school with the intent to further my career in the Health Care field. I am currently attending Westwood College to become a Medical Assistant. I have decided to become a medical assistant because it’s a career where I’m helping other people, doing clinical work, and it’s also a career that’s growing. Medical assistants assist nurses and physicians with a variety of administrative and medical tasks. Most MAs work in doctor’s office and hospitals.

They help with a variety of tasks including checking-in patients, taking vital signs, gives shots, filling medical charts, and insurance billing and coding. Their hours average to 40 per week, Monday through Friday. Some schools offer a one-year certificate or complete a two-year associate’s degree from an accredited school. After completing that, you may sign up to take the certification exam to become a Certified Medical Assistant. I have a variety of skills I will use in my career. I am very responsible, trustworthy, sincere, multi-tasker, understanding, patient, motivated, and great with working with others.

My skills will greatly impact my career choice because I’ll put all my skills into action on the job. In my research, Medical Assistants have analytical, detailed orientated and technical skills. Further, a medical assistant is often the first and last person a patient interacts with during a visit to a physician’s office. Therefore, a medical assistant helps ease the feeling of vulnerability a patient may experience during their visit. In class, we did a personality trait test, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the results I got nailed my personality on the dot.

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Introversion means we basically stay to ourselves have few friends. Sensing means we are focused on the present, rather than the future. Feeling means we care about one another’s feelings. Perceiving means we keep our options open. The characteristics that will be helpful to my career choice is that I’m aware of my environment, hands-on learner, great listeners, and loyal to values and beliefs. Long Term Goal * Working in a hospital, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm assisting patients Mid-Term Goals * Getting a reliable transportation * Try not to be as stressed out Short Term Goals * Finishing school to become a medical assistant. Getting a better paying job to help finish school I plan to find a job by the end of August 2013, to help continue paying for school. I have 16 more months until I become a medical assistant. Doing this career plan, I’ve learned about my goals, education, and personality. I learned that I have the personality and commitment to become a medical assistant, and also further my career. I’m lacking a few skills, but that’s where training comes in. When I took the personality trait test, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it described my personality well, and agreed that the most suitable job would be in the medical field.

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