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Business process management involves the use of knowledge to relate the management processes and the information technology. This involves the use of enabling methods, designing techniques, tools to enact, prevent and analyze all the operating business processes that involves organization, employees, computer applications and other various sources of information. Business process management entails all the activities that are performed by an organization in managing and updating all their business processes. The introduction of the business management systems have made business processes activities much faster and cheaper.

Business process management system analyzes the development and the execution of business process so as to enable managers detect and correct all the necessary changes in response to the actual data rather than just taking assumptions. Therefore business process management is mainly a model which is employed to manage the organizational processes and to improve them as might be required by the surrounding changes. A good business process management will allow these changes to be made without entirey affecting other department in the organization.

This usually prevents any shortcomings that might arise whenever a business wants to make a strategic move. (Bassett, 1993) For any business process management to be successful all the processes should be performed in steps. These steps involves;Designing, modeling, monitoring and optimization. The period of designing involves the studying of the existing processes and their respective designs. The processes should be studied in terms of structure of information flow, warnings and notifications, the operating guidelines, level of services it provides and the way it processes the relevant tasks.

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Secondly, the process which is suppose to be put in place is designed in such a way that it covers all the designs in the existing process and should be very efficient when presented in theory. (Elliott, Swartz, & Herbane,2002) A good business process design is the one which is able to reduce the number of problems over the period that it is being used. Changes to the business process as a result of the changes taking place in a business environment should be able to reduce the amount of problems as compared to the past one. (Statt, 2004).

A business process management software is therefore a very useful tool in performing this task. This is because the software helps so much in designing, modeling, implementing and making sure that the work flows from human to human, human to machine and machine to machine if optimized. Such performance and integration will help the business so much because it will enable it to compete with other markets and also the business will be capable of overcoming any challenges that might beset as they perform their daily chores.

Process modeling involves the use of the already made process design in analyzing the behaviour and the response of the design to various circumstances that might arise. This might involve its response to cost resources and also the business requirements so as to optimize the output. Modeling will also involve various comparison on the effects of input to that of out. For example: how can the business optimize its output by using a minimum input? Or how can the business increase the current output without really increasing the input.

All these should be tested by using the designed process. If the process really provides the expected results then it is a good one and if it is providing the contrary then it should be checked on where the problem might be, then redesign it again. Actually, a design process which is capable of producing an optimal output using a minimum input is a good one and should be adopted by any business which expects to reap maximumly. Automation of business process has been successful due to the use of graphical process models, which has been made possible by the Business process management software.

This software has totally eliminated the complexity of presenting the business process in a text language process models. Graphical metaphor has therefore been used in programming of process models and it has widely been accepted by many users. This involves the tracking of each and every process in order to determine its performance and also to obtain information which can help in the analyzing of the process’s state. For example the state of a customer’s order can be tracked and identified so that whenever problems arise it can be identified and solved.

Also statistics can be easily obtained about the speed of each and every individual process. This will help in determining how quickly a customers order is being processed and how many orders can be able to be processed within a given time. The extent of analysis depends on the information that the business wants to be evaluated and how this analysis are going to be done. Business process management software therefore contains all the tools which are used in monitoring the activities of various process in the design.

It also enables the system to analyze any discrepancies which might affect the smooth running of the business process. This information can be used by the process analyst in correcting the performance of any process which is not performing according to the required standards. Process monitoring also helps in determining the optimality of all the processes. Therefore those process which are not performing as required can be changed in order to increase the productivity of the business. This is where the performance of the whole business process model is determined.

The information obtained on the response of the process design to various changes in cost and resources is one way of determining the optimality of a given process. A good process model should therefore be the one which uses less resources to produce maximum output at a very low cost. On the other hand, a process, model which requires more resources and produces a low output at a higher cost should be discarded. Information obtained from the process monitoring can also be used in analyzing the optimality of a given business process. This involves the analysis of each and every process in a given system.

Incase there is an overloaded process, then process analyst should design a way in which changes should be made to allow the creation of another process which will assist the existing one. This enhancements should be applied in the design of the process. The process optimization therefore ensures that all the processes in the business are coordinating well so as to produce maximum output at a relatively lower cost. Future developments for the Business process management Software The initial idea of the Business process management was the automation of the various business processes.

This idea has therefore been extended in order to include those processes which are carried out by man. This human process has therefore been integrated with those of the computer so that all the services takes place in parallel. Sometimes the business process system requires the judgment of an individual in performing certain tasks. These tasks are mostly assigned to the various members of the organization. Other forms involves the complex interaction of workers when performing a given task mainly in groups. Business process management software enables many business organization to understand the various business process.

This would therefore assist so much in creating expansions on the existing processes. These expansions might include integrating two or more processes which are closely related in order to improve the optimal performance of the business process model. It can also involve the creation of a new process to reduce the workload to the existing process. Business process management software has also helped much in developing and modeling business process in terms of the analysis and the report it provides. These analysis involves analyzing the various processes in a business process in order to determine its state and also the rate of performance.

It then provides the report about various processes according to their speed, state and also discrepancies. This report will then be used by the process analyst in making the necessary changes accordingly. The changes when implemented should enable the performance of business process to reach its optimal point. These analysis and reporting which has been made possible by the business process management software has enabled many organizations to prosper in terms of profit making and resource allocation. This achievement would not have been there if this software was not available.

This has mostly been achieved because the Business process management software allows for the modeling of various processes in the system.  This allows for easy manipulation of processes whenever changes are to be made. This has been made possible because the business process management software can be adapted to suit all the needs and can also support various business structures . The system also works at a very high speed and its capable of processing a large quantity of information within a p of a minute.

Therefore it is suitable even to very large business organizations which usually process information in large quantities. The high speed also enables business organizations to do analysis will enable the organization to correct the problems as quickly as possible. The organization is therefore saved from making unnecessary losses because the Business process management software allows for the modeling of various processes in the system (Statt, 1999). This allows for easy manipulation of processes whenever changes are to be made.

This software also has some restrictions and therefore it always provide security to all the company’s information. The process are therefore safe and cannot e manipulated in any way by unauthorized persons. The flexibility of the software has enabled the development of different business model to be represented and automate this involves even those complex business process. These analysis will enable the organization to correct the problems as quickly as possible the organization is therefore saved from making unnecessary losses.

Mostly the important of the Business process management software usually comes in terms of the way it can be controlled, its high speed in processing data and lower cost in the amount of research which are required in order to implement, to deploy and also to improve business processes. In order to control the business processes, a company requires to predict the performance of the business processes and also performance of the knowledge on how well these processes are performing in relations to the expectations should be known. It also records the process information at each and every stage.

All these information are presented in a report inform of tables and graphs in order o provide a clear picture to the business owners on how the business is performing. The most important thing in business is the ability of a given organization to respond to various changes in its customer. Customer requirements, improving the performance margins or in satisfying the business partners are the most important things which are provided by the business management process software. The measured ability of the business improvements which are obtained while using the business process management system are unbelievable.

The ability to adapt to various changes while using this system is just phenomenal . (Stankard ,2002) An example of the mostly used business process management software is the Fuego 4 this system offers a top down and process centric approach to processes design, development and also process implementation. This system contains a powerful software that enables the integration of processes, integration of various businesses and also enables the integration of the work flow into a single solid state product (Nersesian, 1991).

Designing and implementing business process management programme. When designing a business process management programme, one needs to ask himself/herself a number of questions and come to a certain decision. Such decision are as follows:  Achievement alignment queries: The short and medium term goals of the organization as pertain to a given programme should be determined. These goals should be related to the organizational vision. Hypothesis on the ways in which the changes made will improve the organizational performance should be set (Thierauf, 1999).

 The way in which company’s information are gathered needs to be determined. Also the type of data which is being collected and the ways of storing it should also be determined. Cost and risk queries: The estimation of the cost to be endured on the new business initiative should be known. It is necessary to asses this estimates in order to associate it with the new Business process management initiative. Metrics queires: The metrics to be used on each and every information gathered should be determined. The number of metrics to be used should be decided. Methods of measurement queries: Procedural methods of measuring metrics should be determined. The frequency of data collection should also be established. Results queries: Business process management programe should be closely monitored in order to make sure that the objectives are being met.


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