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Hyperlinks Description http://www. ioma. com/ IOMA. Business Intelligence at Work. An independent source of exclusive business management information for experienced senior and middle management professionals to help you improve your on-the-job efficiency, and to enhance the financial performance of your organization. http://www. entrepreneur. com/ Different tools to grow business along with business coaching and different guides for E-business, Franchise services and legal. All kind of business related issues, advertising and even home base Biz.

http://www. businessweek. com/ An on-line version of a magazine with the same name . provide information on topics of interest to business professionals. Helps in Learning about brand-new small business research results, as well as practical tips to help your business grow. http://www. bized. co. uk/ A dedicated business and economics information gateway for students, teachers and lecturers. Over 1,300 resources selected and described by subject experts. Searchable and browsable. http://www. business. com/.

Search engine and web directory dedicated to business information available on the Internet. Topics include Consulting, Small Business and Venture Capital. Coverage includes over 400 000 listings within 25 000 industry, product and service subcategories. It also covers 64 000 public, private and international companies and 58 industries providing company financials accompanied by in-depth news stories (on selected companies). http://www. glreach. com/ Global Business Centre: This resource provides links to interesting Web sites throughout the world, including those not written in English.

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The site is organized according to subject matter within each language: business, culture, online publications and e-zines (electronic magazines), index (lists of sites in this online language community), leisure, jobs, shopping and travel. Ultimately, each language represents a neighborhood unto itself in the global village. http://www. accountability21. net/ Comprised of member organizations, Accountability promotes social and ethical responsibility within the business community. http://www. ilo. org/dyn/basi/vpisearch. main Business and Social Initiatives Database (BASI):

The International Labor Organization’s detailed searchable database contains data, reports and analysis by corporate social responsibility topics, Labor & Employment Topics, Source organization(s), Subject organization(s), Sectors, and Countries/Regions. http://www. caseplace. org/ CasePlace. org is an online searchable database of business case studies and supplementary teaching materials available on the site or with links to their sources. Users are able to search a database of carefully selected case study abstracts and teaching materials that include social and environmental challenges within traditional business problems.

CasePlace. org is a free resource from our non-profit educational organization http://www. cauxroundtable. org/ The Caux Roundtable is an international network of principled business leaders promoting moral capitalism. Essays on many business ethics topics including anti-corruption, corporate governance and finance. http://www. e-businessethics. com University: The e-business ethics center provides information, resources, essays and links on business ethics, corporate citizenship and organizational compliance.

The goal of the e-business ethics center is to create a virtual community of organizations and individuals that show best practices in the improvement of business ethics. http://sim. aomonline. org/ The Social Issues in Management Division (SIM) of the Academy of Management: The Academy of Management’s Social Issues in Management Division (SIM) explores and analyzes various environments and stakeholders' influence upon organizations. The SIM interest group focuses on social, ethical, public policy, ecological, stakeholder, and international environments.

Studying in Kaplan University is such an opportunity to achieve a good business administration degree. Using the hyperlinks provided above, it would be easier to enhance my ability to study my major subjects through these good sources of business knowledge and study. Those sites are providing a good source of on-line degrees along with business consultants and advice . Some sites are discussing many case studies of small businesses and E-commerce, which would be a great interest to me. Word count=571 Your Name Your Section Number.

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