What I hope to gain from a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Last Updated: 07 Apr 2020
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Management studies has always interested me and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business administration to work towards my aims and objectives which are described below and to pursue my interest in management studies and at the same time obtain a full fledged degree in Business Administration.

By working towards this degree I hope to become a more well rounded personality alongside gaining more knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of business and management which I can wield towards my other long term goals, to evolve into a dynamic and capable leader in the field of business.

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Through this Business Administration program I hope to gain maximum and up to date knowledge and skills including technical skills to be successful in any area of business administration. I want to be able to understand the theoretical aspects of the knowledge and skills that I gain as well as apply them practically. I want to be able to explore and gain a thorough knowledge of concepts, principles, theories, practices of modern business writers as well as the classical business writers.

I hope that the program will enable me to build a strong foundation to pursue and be successful in any area of business administration by helping me understand and find the relation between the various interrelated areas of business administration. I hope that it would give me a good head start in analytical and strategic business studies. The skills that I wish to gain include soft skills, technical skills, analytical, mental skills, problem solving skills, negotiation skills and leadership skills. I want this program to help me improve my written and verbal communication.

I want to ensure that my analytical skills are honed well to be able to analyze business conditions and decide the appropriate strategy to handle those conditions. I want to be able to hone my skills to be able to conduct research if necessary in various media and analyze the data that is gathered to reach conclusions about the business scenario. I want to be able to make presentations as and when required, to analyze the data collected and to reach business goals and to present a proposal to somebody and to negotiate and convince people in various business scenarios.

I want to be able to make use of my skills and knowledge in the job market to play a good leadership and management role. I want this program to help me transform into an efficient and effective practitioner of ethical business practices. I want to be able to nurture my skills and knowledge in a rich interactive and intellectual environment by exchanging ides with other students, professors and eminent business personalities.

I want to be able to take part in cultural activities and other extracurricular activities that will help me become a more balanced person and to contribute more wholesomely towards my community and my profession. I also want to go through various disciplines and understand the relationship between them and how they are relevant to Business management. I view this Business Administration program as a significant stepping-stone towards my long term goals and professional development in the field of business to enable me to turn into a competent business professional.

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