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Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) are set laws that licenses particular breeds of dogs as well as restricting or total banning of others specific breeds. An example of BSL would be a law stating “all Pit Bulls shall be muzzled when upon public property. ” Phillips, M. K (2008) These laws are put in an attempt to reduce the number of dog bites as well as decrease the population of dog breeds considered to be dangerous. Many countries have tried to drive the BSL in trying to specify the breeds of dog considered to be dangerous. Pit bull Terrier, Fila Braziliero, Toza, Akita, Shiba and Staffordshire are considered dangerous breeds.

They have fallen as victims in the BSL laws. The Pit Bull is considered dangerous as they were bred to kill and fight other animals. The law enforcers have used their physical characteristics to burry the breed. These include; heavy necks and shoulders, naturally strong, big jaws etc. Phillips, M. K (2008) The BSL have been criticized over their operations. Their description of the dangerous breed is in most cases vague and tough. Some breeds possess similar characteristics to the banned breeds and may fall victims of the BSL. Owners of such breeds will therefore be punished for no reason.

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Dog’s behavior is fully determined by their caretaker. Some small breeds that are licensed are known to have killed or caused injuries to people. Some dog owners are under educated and may have no skills to socialize, train and manage a dog. They may expose their dogs to risky playing habits at their tender age like biting arms and legs. These young dogs may adopt this habit and even at their later age bite someone in the name of playing. This action could be mistaken of aggressiveness and fall in BSL while in the real sense the owner is to blame.

Well cared and trained dogs may be safe as pests despite their consideration to be dangerous by the BSL. Pit Bull Terrier in a well trained and cared setting can be safer than Dachshund in a poor setting. Dogs therefore may end up being victims where as they are not to blame but their owners. Peak, K (2003) In a poem by Ryan . S . Browning dedicated to Bob – a pit bull he owned and fell under BSL – he mourns a best friend who no at one time misbehaved. He felt the BSL was a bully to innocent pit bull dog. Canada’s Guide to Dog (2007) Responsible dog owners should not be victimized because of careless mistakes by other dog owners.

Banning certain breeds does not assure the public that dangerous dogs are wiped off. Determined dogs owners can also train licensed breed to as well become dangerous. Banning a breed is like racism. Dogs attack mostly when intimidated or provoked. In one way or the other victims of dog bits deserve. Phillips, M. K (2008) We cannot rely on bite statistics as very few people can accurately identify a dog breed. They take into account only reported cases and do not account for provoked bite like from abused dogs. (America against BSL 2007) There is need to establish laws to counter BSL like in some states in America e.

g. California cities. Irresponsible dog owners should be restricted from owning some breeds. People should be educated on how to handle dogs, those considered real dangerous be restricted in public areas and to strangers. Increase in civil damage compensation will make careless owners be much responsible. BSL should put into account the rights of animals – dogs. All dogs are born the same and have rights of existence and act of cruelty and disrespect to dogs is prohibited. Dogs should be allowed to live and grow naturally and in the condition of life and freedom that belongs to its species.

Animal rights law (2008) Therefore BSL restriction to specific breed is unjustifiable and should be revised. References: Phillips, M. K (2008) the dog bite law. Retrieved on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 from http://www. dogbitelaw. com/PAGES/breedlaws. html Peak, K (2003) West Wind Dog Training. Retrieved on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 from http://www. westwinddogtraining. com/BSLFAQS.

pdf Canada’s Guide to Dog (2007) information about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Retrieved on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 from http://www. canadasguidetodogs. com/breederinfo11. htm America against BSL (2007) Breed Specific Legislation. Retrieved on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 from http://www. americaagainstbsl. tripod. com/breed_specific_legislation. html Animal Rights Law (2008) dogs rights. Retrieved on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 from http://www. seefido. com/html/general_conclusion. htm

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