Breaking bad behaviour

Breaking-Bad Behavior Habits are things that people do good or bad repeatedly. People start their own habits, and they are very hard to break. Whether it is good or bad habits, it is something that the person has to choose to change. Breaking bad habits is one of the hardest thing to do. The reason behind the bad habits are we begin as enjoyable activities, which we want to repeat. This encourages us to do things again, and the activity becomes a habit.

This habit can be any type of habit like cheating, smoking, and plagiarism. Now a days, you can find everywhere duplicate things all over the world. People steal the formula of the original product and made the same product by different name. This is one kind of cheating. This habit is not good. To stop all that thing we have to buy original and brand name thing which we know. This is the best way to stop this cheating, so this way we can make the company realize that they did wrong.

To stop this thing company owner should not have to show the formula of the product. This happen in college campus also. If some author wrote a book then the instructor of the other college add or remove some topic and published it as his own book. When we attend his/her class he/she told to prefer her own book. We have to look for other author’s book and compare it with college edition so we can use the original book. Smoking is a bad habit. It causes a cancer. First the student started smoking as fun but after sometimes they are habituated with it.

They cannot live without it. If you don’t do smoke and if your friend does and when he offer a cigarette to you, you refuse to smoke, but he forced Misery 2 you to smoke then you defiantly do it and after a few days you will start smoking. So this thing commonly you can see in the schools and colleges. To get rid of these habit start eating chocolates, chewing gum etcetera. So you can divert your mind and after sometimes you will break your this habit. In the college instructor will give a project to the students.

Student have to register their name to instructor which project they going to make. So during the class some decided what they have to make, but other cannot get the idea what they have to do. So during the talk they tried to know what other student is going to make. If they know what that other student is going to do then he meet to instructor and register his name with project name, which is actually that student’s project. We are responsible for this that we don’t know that person very well to whom we are talking and what he is thinking.

It’s he best way not to tell everything about work to other person, so we can keep our idea safe. Thus, to stop all these incidents of academic misconduct we have to look out for the original source and follow the laws in colleges and schools to keep students away from the bad habits. If you are habituated with bad habit and you want to overcome of it, first commit to stopping the behavior by creating a plan, and develop self-discipline, and self-awareness so that you can stay on track. Also choose the right approach to dealing with it and involves others in your efforts.

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