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Cadbury: The Brand The Cadbury brand enjoys a high level of brand equity in Ireland. Research shows 96% of consumers recognise the brand, while 74% state that when it comes to chocolate, only Cadbury’s will do! There are three main brand name strategies: Family brand names: The parent brand is also known as an "umbrella" brand. This term is given to product ranges where the family brand name is used for all products. The advantage of this approach is that positive associations with the parent brand will transfer to all sub-brands.

The risk however, is that if one brand is unsuccessful or falls into disrepute, the reputation of the complete family of brands can be tarnished. Cadbury is a family brand. ? Individual brand names (or multibrands): In this case each brand is created and named separately and has a separate identity. Using a family brand may not be suitable as the brand values may be too far apart. ?Combination brand names: This approach allows for the optimal use of the corporate (family) brand name, while allowing an individual brand to be identified, e. . Cadbury Dairy Milk. Developing brand identity BRAND PYRAMID A brand pyramid can help managers plan and analyse a brand’s identity. The top tier of the pyramid consists of the brand core. Brand core values are the genetic code of the brand and remain the same over time. Closely related to these values is the brand proposition: the promise the brand makes to consumers. This proposition should be easy to understand and appeal to the target market.

The middle tier represents the brand style; or elements of the brand’s identity that represent the self image of the brand and need to be relatively stable over time. The base of the pyramid is formed by the brand themes which are concerned with how the brand currently communicates through its advertising, packaging, physical appearance etc. Brand themes are flexible and change with fashion, technological developments and changing consumer tastes.

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The brand pyramid helps managers understand the strengths of the brand and ensure consistency of its message. This also helps to identify opportunities for brand stretching and brand extensions. A brand extension is the use of a well known brand name on a new product within the same broad market or product category. We will discuss this in relation to the Dairy Milk brand. Brand stretching is the use of an established brand name in unrelated markets or product categories. Brand Extensions and Elements Cadbury India Cadbury is mainly into three segments Chocolates - Cadbury India is the market leader in the chocolate confectionery market in India with over 70 per cent market share. The leading brands in this category are Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Crackle, Temptations, 5 Star, Perk & Celebrations Gift boxes. • Sugar Confectionery – Cadbury Dairy Milk Eclairs is one of the leading brands in this category. It is amongst the largest eclair brands in the market in terms of value share. Cadbury also owns Halls (which was acquired as a part of the global acquisition of the Adams business from Pfizer in 2003).

Halls is amongst the largest brands in its segment of Minty/ Breath freshness brands in India. • Food Drinks – Cadbury’s Bournvita is a leading brand in the brown drinks segment of milk/ malted food products. Cadbury’s other products include Drinking Chocolate and Cocoa powder. Overall share in the malted food drinks market is estimated to be around 19 per cent. The company has recently made a foray into snacking category with Cadbury Bytes, its sweet snacking brand. The company has been performing well in India.

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