Boundaries Between Teachingrole and Other Professional Bodies

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Explains the boundaries between the teaching role and other professioinal roles and own responsibilities in relation to other professionals. (2. 1 & 2. 2) Within this assignment i will explain what i believe the roles and responsibilities of a teacher and possible boundaries which i may come up against. Where possible I will link it to my own personal experiencesand knowledge. I will attempt to describe teaching roles both related and non related as much as i can, i will also make references to the 6 areas contained within the professional standards for teachers tutors and trainers in the life long learning ector and also to the teaching and learning cycle. I believe further education teaching can be split into two sections,a teachers role and the teacher related roles. From my experience teaching roles will be taken on by assessors and Tutors where as the teacher related roles will mainly be handled by administration staff, and senior management. A teachers role can be referred to as “a role which contains limitied teaching responsibilities and a role which represents the full range of responsibilities performed by those who are expected to attain the status of a qualified teacher” In my opinion the esponsibility of a teacher/tutor isto nurture any person from someone who knows nothing about the trade and turning them into someone who has both the practicaland theoretical skills to be a bricklayer with a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 3 atthe end of their apprenticeship. But the responsibility of staff who occupy the teacher related role will be taking care of things like filing,ensuring paperwork is upto date and correct thus complying with the data protection act 1998,and making sure there are no complications with regards toplacements/funding for learners.

Entry Requirements a teacher/trainer will be required to work a range of information sources Therefore,during the selection process you may be required to undertake an initial assessment in Numeracy and an initial assessment in Literacy. To be accepted onto an Apprenticeship programme at level 2 you will have to achieve Numeracy Level 1, and Literacy Level 1 to start with. You will also be required to attend an interview, during which your suitability,commitment and interest will be determined. You should bring with you to theinterview any evidence you have of previous academic achievement.

You may also wish to present other documentation that supports your application This can include evidence of other activities that you have participated in, sports, hobbies, work experience etc. To me different levels your learners may be at and you can hopefully you can then get a better idea as to what stage you should start your teachings from, These assessments should be continuous throughout the apprenticeship so you can check that learners are progressing in the areas thatthey should be. If not the correct measures can then be put into place to help them catch up with others I understand that every eacher/tutor has contractual obligations to abide by in regards to what ever the programme they are teaching, these will be a guideline from your employer but also you have a rather strict code to work to from awarding body such as Constructive Awards Alliance (CAA) or City and Guilds (C&G). Every tutor/teacher will have the same contractual obligations to abide with these but they may vary with your employer as everyone likes to put there own mark on apprenticeshipsThe teacher related roles are to include things like checking all documentation and information on students is orrect and upto date,ensuring students are registered with the correct learning bodies so there are no complications when starting/ completing apprenticeships. Providing statistics/schedules of a learners attendance, achievements,and time keeping. in my opinion many of the teacher/tutor related roles can be under took by either the teacher/tutor or admin staff as there is not a set rule book as to who can do what. Further to this there is the contractual obligation of completing regular assessments and reviews with both learner and employer as it is imperitive the employer knows what stage alearner is at.

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I shall now try toexplain the roles and responsibilities by reading and extracting information from page 73 /74 of the work booklet. I believe the key purpose of being a teacheris to be able to create a safe, fun yet hard working environment to give all students the oppertunity to excel in there individual learning programme 1)“ Professional values and practice” this explains the values which teachers in the lifelong learning sector should meet or exceed in to achieve their responsibility to me the following value shows how a teacher has the responsibility to ensure all earners are learning as a whole thus ensuring all are learning at the same pace knowing all they need to know to succeed. 2)“learning and teaching” to me there are so many different responsibilities with regards to learning and teaching forexample progression, development, goals and aspirations of all which will endeavour to enhance the experiences they bring to learning. 3) “specialist learning and teaching” when completing an Apprenticeship a strict framework is to be adhered to, we as teachers must ensure all aspects of the framework are to be covered and to chieve this I believe I must ensure I am upto date with the current teachings in my trade in order to be current and thus making up part of my continous planned development 4) “planning for learning” which to me is an imperitive part of teaching which in my profession is very important as one wrong learning or misunderstanding can lead to serious harm or even death but I understand that these teachings may require special attention to detail and covering equality and diversity effectively 5) “assessment for learning” I believe you must be willing to carry out consecutive assessments so as o see where learners are and where they should/ could be in future months thus ensuring everyone within the organisation can see the progress of students 6) “ access and progression” this to me says we must have sufficient information and advice/ guidance to support a learners needs and also make learners aware of various in house services which may be available to them summarising: I believe there are many factors which lead to being a successful teacher, you need to be a very broad minded and self sufficient person, who needs to be patient and understanding to hatever task/obstacle is put in front of them you need to be aware of constantly changing rules, regulations and criteria surrounding your specialist subject. You need to be honest, have a positive mental attitude and have very high expectations of your learners,but also need to be aware that there are going to be students who need the extra help and support from you to complete the course. I need to be able to provide easy yet still challenging lesson plans. As a good teacher I need to make myself very approachable to all who require my attention, this will include learners, ther tutors,office staff and management but also internal and external verifiers. I was always treated with the utmost respect whilst completing my apprenticeship and my tutors were always honest with me, sometimes honest but that gave me reason to believe in what I was doing and made me want to further my skills even more so to impress my tutor but also gain my qualification at the end of my apprenticeship. I understand there may be certain aspects of the courses I’m going to teach which I am going to have to re-teach myself so students will grasp things first time and i’ll have to elive my days as a student to gain all the pros and cons from the way I was taught therefore gaining an understanding of how to make my lessons as effective as they can be. I believe the role of teaching requires my personality and character to be the vehicle of knowledge. I know things will be hard and at sometimes baffling but that is what life is all about, knowing what you want and having the will to reach your goal. I believe there are many factors with regards to striving towards being a successful Teacher in my profession but I believe I have everything it takes to succeed.

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