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Discussion on Amelia Earhart: The Sky’s No Limit by Lori Van Pelt. Sentence Summary In Amelia Earhart: The Sky’s No Limit by Lori Van Pelt, Amelia, a women aviator, has always enjoyed new and risky things, but will her soon to be biggest accomplishment that sets milestones for women be her last? Paragraph Summary Amelia Earhart: The Sky’s No Limit a biography talks about one of the most famous aviator women in history. As a young girl her grandparents could have recalled her as a daring girl with big dreams, and without a doubt she grew into women were those dreams became a reality.

Always fascinated with airplanes she obtained her own pilot wings and participated in flights and shows across the country. She won the world over with her humbleness along with George Putnam. He was set out to make Amelia the most famous Aviator in history. To make that dream a reality she would have to fly solo across the entire world. On her journey to pave the road for future women aviators she vanished among the islands in the Pacific coming to end of her round-the-world flight.

Her aircraft was never found, but her memory lives on for being one of the most Famous Women Aviators in History. Page Summary Amelia Earhart, a tomboy in Kansas, growing up was very daring and risky. She enjoyed trying new things and that even resulted to her building a roller coaster in her grandparent’s backyard. In her twenties she fell in love with flight while attending an acrobatic show and her first flight in an airplane encouraged her love among the clouds as well. She knew what she wanted to do and nothing was going to stop her.

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At age 24 she earned her pilot wings and in 1928 she attended some flight shows, including the Friendship Flight, where she won the crowd over with her charm and unassuming nature. Amelia was even compared to such pilots as the distinguished Charles Lindbergh, calling her Lady Lindy. She did not only win over the hearts of millions she also won over the heart of George Putnam. In 1931 Earhart married Putnam, who managed her career and insured her she would be the most famous aviator in the History. She soon received the Distinguished Flying Cross after lying solo across the Atlantic, and set out her mission to encourage the women throughout the world to explore careers – typically careers that were traditionally held by men. On her biggest and most daring venture, a flight across the entire world, Earhart was lost at sea near the Pacific Island, nearly finishing her quest. President Franklin D. Roosevelt encouraged the greatest search of its time for the fliers and the craft, but it was never found. Amelia Earhart journey may never have finished, but she set milestones for women across the globe.

She was indeed the most famous women aviator of all time. Gender Stuff. Amelia Earhart trampled the gender norm in her generation. A typical American woman stayed home, cooking, cleaning, and took care of the husband and kids. She broke through cultural barriers becoming a female pilot. She was a member of the National Women’s Party, and a big supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. This era had other contributions to help women become more independent and successful. In 1920, women were giving the right to vote and Amelia jumped on this women empowering train.

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