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Have you ever heard of a couple traveling the country in stolen cars doing nothing more than robbing banks and murdering those that stand in their love triangle of crime and each other? If you have It's only because back during our country's darkest economic time, the Depression, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker joined forces and refused to be stuck broke in a country without jobs to pick the easy, immoral way of survival, crime. I suppose crime is one way to leave an Impression, especially on paper locked away in the files of the Bi's "Most Wanted" cabinets.

As if locking it way would suppress the curiosity of a nation and the legend it would become... But you can't keep this tale locked up. With every lasting story there's always a beginning that starts out with a Bang! Literally, in Bonnie and Cycle's case their criminal romance starts out with a Bang! But who were Bonnie and Clyde before their names smoothly ran together and before they became an intriguing pair? What would their lives be like if they never met? Well, no one really knows that one. But we do know who they were before they met.

The majority of the Information we have on Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker Is from the FBI. Once they were under investigation by the FBI their humble beginnings would never be private again. The investigators filled in the blanks of who this reckless pair was before they were a pair. It all started In Texas In the early sass.... (ladies first) Bonnie Parker was born in Rowena, Texas on October 1, 1910. A few years later her father passed away and the family now including her mother, her two siblings and herself. Moved In with grandparents In too town near Dallas.

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There Bonnie went to school and did quite well. Now you know who the brains of the outfit was. In 1926, Bonnie was hitched to Roy Thornton. Ell deeply In love, and got a tattoo, only to get run out on less than a year later. Soon after, Roy Thornton was arrested for murder and sentenced for life. (Bad karma) That'll show you never to mess with Bonnie. Unlike their marriage. At least her tattoo and his prison sentence would last a lifetime. Fending for herself in the wild at only eighteen, Bonnie took a menial Job as a waitress awaiting the thrill of her life.

In other words, the second man of her dreams, Clyde. Clyde Barrow was born in Tillie, Texas on March 24, 1909 and throughout his life was known for four different fake names. Unlike his future companion, he dropped UT of school after 5th grade. Now you know who the brawn of the duo was. Later moving to West Dallas he began his crime life selling stolen turkeys. From turkeys to safeguarding to auto theft, Clyde was Just warming up for Bonnie. Jail and its consequences never really sunk in despite his multiple times being arrested.

But with his deceiving tales, he always managed to weasel himself out of it. Once, Clyde was arrested with two other of his accomplices. He told the sheriff that he was hitchhiking and had no idea of whom or what the men that picked him were doing. They let him go. Who said criminals were loyal? After being in jail so many times wouldn't you do anything to not go back? Though he escaped yet another time, little law would catch up. In January of 1930, Bonnie and Clyde met and despite knowing Cycle's lawless past, Bonnie fell for the devil and soon after aided him out of Jail only to be later recaptured.

During this time they wrote letters. Then Clyde became so desperate his mommy had to help him out. Though their crime life began on a rocky start, him being in Jail for a lot of it and them living modestly, the media immediately agglomerated their criminal lifestyle and built them up as untouchable immortals. During the Depression the news and mindsets of many Americans became a rallying cry for Bonnie and Clyde. They became their biggest fans and in turn Bonnie and Clyde became the biggest sensation to hit the poverty stricken hometowns of America.

The little guys were rooting for the little guys who through the face of the country and the media weren't so little anymore. With Bonnie and Clyde back together they recruited some people. Now known as the Barrow Gang including Ray Hamilton, Cycle's brother Buck and his wife. I suppose one could say it was a family operation. Bonnie and Cycle's' families would later hide hem when there was nowhere else to go. From Louisiana to Missouri to their home state of Texas, the Barrow gang robbed banks, local groceries and as they traveled through the states they never traveled in a car of their own.

But for the law that fought back, they were shot and usually killed. Apparently, Bonnie was said to have never killed anyone that and never smoked a cigar. The media wanted to find a balance between portraying Bonnie as tough merciless criminal and an angelic woman. 'Cause we all know criminals are angels, right? Finally in 1933 the FBI Joined the wild goose chase after investigating them almost from the beginning. Now that they could charge Bonnie and Clyde for interstate crimes, they had Jurisdiction which answers the question why hadn't they Joined the hunt before.

Now that the FBI was after them as well, the already thin rope was disappearing. As the sun came up on May 23, 1934, an automobile sped down a Louisiana dirt road. This car contained multiple guns (all shapes and sizes) and tons of ammunition (the gangs personal arsenal) and their new owners, Bonnie and Clyde. This was literally the end of the road as the car headed right into the lap of the law. Down the road, an ambush of policeman awaited them. One of the cops walked in the center of the road, the car slowed to a stop and Just as the beginning began, it all ended with a Bang!

There was 167 shots fired into the car and the infamous crime duo died on the spot. Only in their early twenties, the duo insignificant in size Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow would breathe their last that day, unable to run anymore. In the years to come, the death car was put on display at local fairs and is now in some casino in Vegas. Most tales die off but this flame year after year seemed to gain fuel and curiosity. (Almost as if it was made for the big screen. ) The legacy of Bonnie and Clyde lives on despite their last breathes being over three- quarters of a century ago.

Not only do we remember them as at one point in time as the Most Wanted and one of the most dynamic crime fighting duo of all time, they are the inspiration for entertainment. When I first saw the original when I was "wee little" I had no idea they were real people it seemed entirely fantastic to me and that's what inspired Hollywood. I would hope they are not an inspiration for anything crimes. But instead engross our imaginations and enlighten our minds to our history in one of our country's darkest hours. Works Cited 1 . Schneider, Paul.

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