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Live by the foma (harmless untruths) that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy

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Foma, are an everyday part of life. No one knows if there truly was a person who created the earth and all its inhabitants, or if one person can start a whole new way of life with just one idea. One must live by certain foma, but at the same time a person must know which ones not to live by.

America itself is one giant foma. There are untruths about religion, family life, war, and society in general spread all across America today. Religions are foma in themselves, for it is not certain what a religion is based on, or if the stories of that religion are even true. People, not just in America, but all around the world believe in something that has not been proved. The family lives in America are also foma. There has not been an American family found in any historical account, in which the children were perfect. Humans are, and will never be perfect. The next major crisis in America is war. Terrorists are trying to attack the country, and they expect to do so just because the country is distracted by a few anti-war protests.

No matter how hard people try to argue against war, it always happens, just like no matter how hard soldiers train, they will never be fully prepared for war. Lastly, society is one large foma. Social classes seem to be taking over America. The more money a person has, the more money that person will get. However, if another person has very little money, then his or her amounts of money will just keep decreasing. The way a person walks, talks and acts all contribute to the social status of that person, therefore determining his or her own destiny.

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Everyone lives by at least one foma, and family life is the most important one. Families all over the world have struggled to be the "perfect" family seen on television. But no matter how hard they try, it won't happen.

The trouble with the world being all lies, is that it is hard to find a truth to live by. However, there is one: all religions are lies. People do not go to church to make themselves better in the eyes of the Lord, God, etc. Today, prayer is used for the greed of society and not for how it was originally used, to cleanse society. Religion is not worth anything to a person who sees and understands how much of religion is a foma- all of it.

No one can tell you what is a truth and what is a foma. People must decide for themselves, or their whole lives will turn into lies. There is a world full of lies, all because people do what others want them to do, just so they can fit into society. A society full of lies is not a society at all, but merely one large foma.

Live by the foma (harmless untruths) that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy essay

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