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Blue Sky Rhetorical Task

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Consider the structure, rhetorical strategies, and content of the two essays and answer the following questions. 1. How does Bass construct and support his argument? He constructs the argument by stating that he was a hunter before but not to the degree that he is now. He then states the reasons why he has become an avid hunter. He describes how beautiful and life changing the landscape and wild life is in Montana. He says how the valley of Montana has converted nearly every local into a hunter. . How does Rinella construct and support his argument? Rinella starts out the essay by stating that there are fewer hunters in this day and age then ever in history before. Rinella then continues to try to explain the reason why he hunts by telling personal hunting stories. The two hunting stories were well written and describe events that inspire the pastime and the way of life. The two stories engage the reader and for me caused adrenaline.

He then supports his argument by describing the beautiful moment when he was hungry and tired in Alaska then a huge portion of caribou charge in his direction fulfilling his goal of killing male caribou. 3. Which essay is more effective and why? “Why do I hunt? ” by Steven Rinellla is a more effective essay. Why I think it was a more effective essay is because when I read the stories of his hunting experiences I was able to get into a story. I felt aderaline when he was describing the bear that was standing right next to him.

He was able to describe the rush and onenesses of nature in his essay, it made me want to go out and hunt. 4. How do the two essays affect your attitude towards hunting? The two essays quite frankly made me very angry. I was angry because I am in school right now and with every waking second I am doing some type of homework or athletic work when I would much rather be outside in the wilderness hunting. And the essays made me think of great terrain that I would like to be conquering.

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