Essays on Clouds

Essays on Clouds

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The Man To Send Rain clouds Symbolism and Obscurity Essay

In her short story “The Man to Send Rainclouds” Leslie Silko writes about the burial of a dead native elder, stating that “he sat down to rest in the shade and never got up again” (Silko 1). Silko uses obscurity and symbolism to display her attitude …

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Cloudstreet Prologue

The prologue of Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet transcends one family’s tragic loss into the realms of the metaphysical, commenting on his views of life and death. Readers can contrast these views to our more modern ideologies. Through the use of poetic language Winton adds a spiritual …

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The Clouds and the History of Peloponnesian War

Breaking down traditions: The “Clouds” and the “History of Peloponnesian War” Undeniably, the ancient Greek society places a heavy emphasis on values and traditions. The two texts of the “Clouds” by Aristophanes and “History of the Peloponnesian war” by Thucydides, although contextually divergent, are actually …

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Beneath Clouds Speech – the Persona of Lena

Mr Teacher was kind enough to invite me here today to inform you of my journey to discover my personal identity and all of the trials and tribulations that came with it. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lena and …

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The Man to send Rain Clouds

“The Man to Send Rain Clouds” Leslie Mormon Silks wrote “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” in 1969. The story details the death of an old Indian named Teflon. During one point of the story Leon prepares Topsoil’s body for burial. Leon proceeds to paint …

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The Accuracy of “The Clouds” In Portraying the Political and Social Life

Greek theatre has always been a significant constituent in the past and present Athenian society. Fifth Century BC Athenian society proposed numerous playwrights in their festivities honouring the god, Dionysus. Amongst the many crowd favourites was a legend to describe him in the least, Aristophanes. …

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Teenager Zach Sobiech forms the music group A Firm Handshake and records the inspirational hit single "Clouds."

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Summer cumulus clouds vary in size, but a typical one would be about one kilometre across and about the same tall. This means we can consider it to be a cube, with each side measuring 1km across. That means our cloud is 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 cubic metres in size – and this makes 1 billion cubic metres.

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Frequently asked questions

What is clouds in simple words?
Clouds are a mass of tiny water droplets or ice crystals that float in the air. They form when warm air rises and the water vapor it contains condenses into tiny droplets.
Why are clouds are important?
Clouds are important because they are a key part of the Earth's hydrologic cycle. Water vapor rises into the atmosphere where it condenses into clouds. The clouds then release the water vapor in the form of precipitation. Precipitation falls back to the ground where it replenishes the water supply.
How do clouds form?
Clouds form when the air around us cools and condenses. This can happen in a number of ways. For example, when warm air rises, it cools as it goes higher into the atmosphere. This can happen when the sun heats up the ground, causing the air to rise. As the air rises, it cools and the water vapor in the air condenses into tiny droplets of water. These droplets of water are what we see as clouds.
What types of clouds are there?
There are three main types of clouds: cumuliform, stratus, and cirriform. Cumuliform clouds are the most common and include cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. Stratus clouds are lower-level clouds that often cover the sky with a uniform sheet. Cirriform clouds are high-level clouds that are often wispy and thin.

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