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Analysis of ”A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope

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The choices a person makes, defines the person and how their lives develop. In “A Gap of Sky”, the reader is introduced to a young woman, who has to choose how to live her life. The story “A Gap of Sky” was published in 2008, and is written in a typical postmodern way.

It describes a situation that many people may recognize, which is exactly what postmodern writers try to do; describing a situation that is common to humans, taking up subjects such as going from childhood to adolescence, making a life of your own or falling in love.The first part of the story is written as if it were her immediate thoughts. An example of this is when she tries to figure out the whole situation, having just woken up: “Monday. It is Monday. Essay there is an essay due, important, due for Tuesday morning. Virginia Woolf. And the…What was the title? Something Oyster of Perceptiveness[1]”.

Her fragmentised thoughts are incoherent and her mind is slow. The story revolves around the fact that she The main character Ellie, who is in fact the only character in the story, is nineteen years old. She lives in London, where she is living a wild life, full of parties and drugs.It is unknown if she lives alone, but it seems so. It seems like she has to care for herself, even though she has a mother and a father. Her feelings towards her parents are quite cold. When she is talking about her education, she mentions that it was not her choice to enter the course: “[…] To Mum? To Dad? Not them especially not them.

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It was their fault she was doing this bloody course in the first place[2]”. It seems like she is trying to convince herself, that her current situation is their fault, and hence not her own.

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