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The Westerner vs The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

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Claire Schneider Joseph Libis English 1002 May 30, 2009 Two works of Literature, “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”, the short story, and “The Westerner”, the film, try to convey the civilization of the old west, which allows for settlement and development of traditional American values, which are associated with honest and hard working people in the West Texas frontier. Although, one of these works does a better job of conveying overall theme.

Between “The Bride comes to Yellow Sky” and “The Westerner”, I would say that “The Westerner did a better job of civilizing on the Western frontier. Throughout the film, it seemed as they were always arguing with each other, but in the end Jane Ellen Mathews, and Carl Hardin became friends. One way to prove this would be that Carl had said that he thought Jane Ellen’s hair was the most beautiful hair he had ever seen. He wanted to keep a lock of her hair.

To me, that says a lot if you want to keep a lock of some ones hair. There was a scene in which there was a play in which Judge Roy Bean purchased all of the tickets for. Before the play began, Carl Hardin appeared, and they started to have a shooting match. I’m not sure what the reason was. After a long match, they both decided to call it even and make up. It’s always great when movies wind up having a great ending. Two of the characters, Jane Ellen, and Carl Hardin, wanted to have a home together.

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The Westerner vs The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

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In Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, two people have just gotten married, and are on board a train to Yellow Sky. When they arrive back in Yellow Sky, they rush towards Jack Potter’s house, but they see, on their way six men sitting at a bar, and a man comes out and announces that Scratchy Wilson has been drinking again. In the very beginning of “The Westerner” there were men sitting at a bar drinking. This would be one similarity that the two works of literature share.

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