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The blade constituent in the liquidizer is map to suppression and blending the ingredient with a really fast revolving velocity. First we need to understand the construction of the blade to enable the blade execute the procedure like sliting and softening. We know blade necessitate to be fixed under high rotational velocity operation, therefore the blade must hold the high modulus of rigidness to forestall any deformation during the operation. It is because the shearing force Acts of the Apostless on the blade is really high due to its velocity. Since it is rotate in high velocity when the nutrient are being dump into the nutrient container, it will do a impact acts on the blade that will do the blade to interrupt or check if the blade do non tough plenty.

Besides that, the shaft will maintain in contact with the nutrient and ever expose to the nutrient chemical, therefore it must be entire chemical inert. The corroding procedure must non be occurred to forestall wellness risky incident. The high wear opposition is besides of import to the blade, as it will ever run for the interrupted procedure. The cyclic burden will do fatigue therefore we need difficult blade. Normally wear opposition can be increase by making a coating on the blade. Crisp borders with good strength is besides really of import to enable the blade execute the mincing or crunching procedure expeditiously. The blade is various plenty to cut about all the nutrient stuff that can be intermix if needed, strength once more is needed.

Here is the drumhead degree Fahrenheit the liquidizer blade belongingss that we use as guideline in blade stuff choice.

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  • Hardness
  • High strength
  • Stainless steel
  • High rigidness
  • High wear opposition

Material selection

In the choice stuff we must see many facets to guarantee the merchandise that we have made successful in overall facet. There some standards that must be see such as:

  • Physical & A ; Mechanical Considerations
  • Thermal Considerations
  • Chemical Considerations
  • Bearing and Wear Considerations
  • Cost
  • Type of utilizations and etc

To get down the material choice of the constituent, we have to utilize the assorted comparing charts to compare diverse of stuff that available. In this clip about, we use the specific stiffness to specific strength, strength to cost, strength to toughness, and immature modulus to denseness. These are primary chart that we use to guarantee our choice.

In the specific stiffness to specific strength chart, we can acquire the consequence of the stuff that has medium specific strength and high specific stiffness. This is an of import standard of stiffness in our merchandise.

In the strength to be chart, we need to compromise the cost and the strength that we can keep competitory monetary value with the strength for safety.

In the immature modulus to density chart, we need to hold the mid scope of denseness to forestall corpulence of merchandise with the high immature modulus. High immature modulus means that the emphasis that the, stuff can defy before it 's deform.

In between strength and stamina, we need to hold both for the blades do non neglect prematurely particularly face the impact gesture of the nutrient encountered by blades.

From the comparing we have made above, the suited stuff that we can take is chiefly metal stuff either alloyed or non. But we need to see corroding procedure that will that topographic point for ferric metal. Then we can take either alloyed metal or ferric alloyed metal like chromium steel steel.

In the consequence we get, we besides found the stuff to applicable to our blade constituent production like ceramics. The ground we do non take it as comparing because of its crispness. We can non hold the toffee will do it crack when it is over it 's bound so will do the safety job.

Based on the characteristic we found in the constituent, We have decide to compare two stuff in doing blade of liquidizer:

  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steel

Alloy steel is the steel that contain some alloying elements like Mo, manganese, nickel, Cr, V, Si and B. Compare with C steel, the belongings of Alloy steels have greater strength, hardness, hot hardness, wear opposition, hardenability, and Toughness. However, to obtain the require belongings, they are needed to be heat treated.

Stainless steel differs from C steel by content of Cr in steel. The chief different belongings of the chromium steel steel is its corrosion opposition. Carbon steel rusts when exposed to air and wet. This Fe oxide movie is active and accelerates corrosion by organizing more Fe oxide. Stainless steels have sufficient sum of Cr nowadays so that a inactive movie of Cr oxide to forestall farther corrosion

Selected Blade Material - chromium steel steel

In doing blade, we have decided to utilize unstained steel because of some ground. The most of import is because we need the stuff that have excellent in corrosion and oxidization opposition. This is because we deal in doing nutrient processor. So that the quality of nutrient is chief thought to guarantee the user is safe to utilize is. Other than that, chromium steel steel has high wear immune. This belongings is good to hold in doing the blade because it ever crisp in cutting the nutrient. The impact stamina is besides the portion that we tend to take 304 steel since we have rotate in high velocity to cut or slit the nutrient. Stainless steel besides has a batch of categorization that we can take for the production of the blade. Therefore we have to take a specific category to guarantee the cost appraisal. After we did the research, we decide to take unstained steel category 304 to be our stuff for the production.

Alternative process for each component

The suited procedure of blade production are projecting, stomping and hammering, we can still bring forth the blade even with different stuff. But every procedure must has it 's restrictions and ain advantages.

Since we have chosen the stuff, so we have look at the procedure to bring forth the merchandise. There are diverse of procedure of available outside, we need to take suitably to suite the stuff belongings and the functionality of the constituent. There are several guidelines that we need to obey. The choice of a suited procedure is based on the undermentioned factors:

  • Types of stuffs and its belongings
  • Expected quality and belongings of the constituents
  • Size, form, thickness and complexness in bring for thing the constituents
  • Tolerances and surface coating
  • Incoming procedures involves
  • Design and tooling cost
  • Volume of production
  • Economy

Now the chart above has shown 3 primary procedures that we will discourse further to take the best production procedure. Now we discuss the casting procedure. The procedure is a popular fabrication procedure that can hold many advantages. The grounds why we choose the investing casting procedure among assorted procedure of casting are because any stuff can project through this method. The investing casting procedure is economical even for rather low measure usually minimal measure is 1000. Furthermore, the complex form can be produced which meet the blade design. Heat intervention of the casting merchandise is non needed. Excellent surface coating and truth besides can be produced through this method. Again it suites the constituent demand that dimensional and surface coating. But the procedure has the disadvantages. We have the expensive dice tool and stuff cost, long lead clip to hold the concluding merchandise, labour cost is high. After we have seen the procedure we have the clearer image of the procedure.

The following procedure we will discourse the forging procedure. The blocker type of the forging will be used in this procedure. This is because this type has the low dice cost compared to other forging procedure. The production rate is high that will run into the company minimal production demand. Forging will hold the dice to use the compressive force on it in order produce the form we want. In the blocker forging, demand to make the machining to acquire the net form we want. The portion will non be a suited pick if the parts are thick webs and big filets. The chief cost is come from the dice cost which influenced by form and size of the constituent. The measure is besides the major concern in cost footing fabrication.

Then we will make the stamping treatment. Stomping besides the sorts of sheet metal organizing utilizing the stamping dice and use the force on the sheet stuff. The cost effectivity of the metal stomping procedure stems from its ability to bring forth material-intensive parts at production rates much higher than are possible utilizing other traditional methods. With stuff for stomping about bing use in another procedure, the premier country for nest eggs is in cutting production clip.

From the above treatments, we can see that stomping will convey us the most economical procedure. Although we need to bear with the high start-up cost, but through the long term, the turnover is still good. The investing casting is excessively arduous and long lead clip which does non suite our selling policy ; the forging is more suited for big constituent.

Process selected and total product stages

After weighing the pros and cons of procedure, we have chosen the stomping which derived procedures from progressive dice drawing.

By utilizing stomping procedure, there are some advantages compare with other procedure like hammering and die casting. First of wholly, the stomping dies can be well less than the tooling used in other procedures. Other than that, the Quality, truth, map, wear life and visual aspect can all be dramatically improved. By utilizing stomping procedure, the portion of stuff with tougher and harder belongings can besides be made. Secondary operations like heat intervention and machining are needed to complete a portion. The figure of secondary operation is reduced and it can salvage the cost.

To bring forth liquidizer blade by stomping procedure, there are some secondary procedure to be taken in. after the constituent is stamped out from the stamping machine, we need to bore a little hole on the constituent for the assembly intent. After that, flexing procedure will take in to obtain the functional form of liquidizer. Then, the constituent is so to be heat treated to better its mechanical belongings like strength and stamina. Finally, a finishing procedure will take in to sharpen the blade border by machining procedure and better the wear opposition by add-on procedure like coating of blade with Ti.

The procedure is start by stomping of a big sheet of metal. We will utilize blanking procedure which is a cutting procedure by utilizing clout and dice to bring forth the blade profile. For blanking procedure, the merchandise is the portion which is sheared out by clout. To transport out the blanking procedure, the stamping dice and stomping machine is needed. The blade merchandise by blanking procedure is shown at the figure below: Component ( merchandise ). Strip ( work stuff ). Scrap ( discard )

Features Of Stamped Parts

After stomping procedure, there are BURR-SIDE or CUT RADIUS feature on the stamped parts. There is a unsmooth border or breaking away burr around the side of the perforated holes. At The opposite side, there is a cut radius or `` rollover '' consequence where the blanking or piercing punch enters the metal surface. Both of these defects can be corrected if they affect the map ablility of the constituent. Deburring procedures can be used to take the burrs. Deburring procedure is done by utilizing deburring tool, toppling, or sanding. Drilling will do the holes straight through the full portion thickness. A shaving station in a progressive dice can cut down the demand for secondary handling operations. Besides, utilizing thicker stock than the concluding size called for and dual phonograph record grinding, or individual side grinding, as required will take burrs and rollover.

After stomping procedure, the phenomena of CONCENTRICITY can be found on the merchandise itself. The contour of the interior and outside shows different belongings and even thicknesses. the discrepancy can be cut down by excess allowance to the merchandises made.

Besides the concentricity, the flatness/blanking deformations besides common phenomena that occur in the stamped merchandise after stomping procedure. There is the bowing rise in the merchandise due to periphery emphasis. The size of the obeisance varied with the stuff and type of dice used. The solution of the defects can be through the use of compound dice.

Machine used for stomping procedure - Stamping Machine

In the stamping machine the major operation is where a metal sheet is being punched utilizing a imperativeness tool in order to give out into coveted form. Different stomping procedure necessitate different type of dice. Example of blanking dice is shown in figure 9

Once the constituent is stamped out, the boring procedure will take in to bore a hole on the blade for the assembly intent. A boring machine is needed to bore the hole. The constituent after boring procedure is shown in the figure below: Drilling machine Component ( Merchandise )

Machine Used - Drilling Machine

A boring machine, called a drill imperativeness, is used to cut holes into or through metal, wood, or other stuffs.

Boring machines use a boring tool that has cutting borders at its point.

This cutting tool is held in the drill imperativeness by a chow or and is rotated and fed into the work at variable velocities.

Boring machines may be used to execute other operations like countersinking, drilling,

counterboring, topographic point facing, reaming, and tapping.


To obtain the better map ability of the liquidizer blade, the form of the blade should be flexing with certain angle as shown in the figure 9. This is a fictile deforming procedure to alter the form of metal blade. Note has to taken that the flexing portion of the constituent is under high emphasis after the bending procedure. To get the better of it, heat intervention will taking topographic point to hardening and reconstruct the emphasis. The constituent after flexing procedure is shown at below:

Bending is a common fabrication method to treat sheet metal. It is normally done on a Press brake, but besides swing-bending-machines are used. With this machine a bending stuff is being bent by following the preset angle as a mention. The bending operation creates a consecutive line crook while form operation may make a curving crook.

Heat intervention

To reconstruct the residuary emphasis that trap in the stamped merchandise, heat intervention is normally carried out. Heat intervention can heat the metal to recrystallization temperature that will realine the grain in the metal. The heat intervention of the metal, the cleft can be reduced and it can be hardened as the finer grain can be obtained. The undermentioned describe the procedure heat intervention of the blade.

The blade ballad on the ceramic tray so heat up to the specified temperature to indurate the portion. The oven normally is preheated to faster the procedure. The warming procedure last for 2 hours. After procedure the ceramic tray take out from the oven. The submergence of the merchandise into oil or H2O to execute slaking. This trap the intricate crystal in the metal construction. This procedure besides consequences in the metal going really brittle. After slaking, the blades are reheated to about 260A°C. Then the blades are allowed to chill easy in a procedure called annealing. This toughens the metal while retaining some of the crispness needed for all right sharpening. Further warming and chilling rhythms may be used to indurate other specialised metals.

Machine Used: Heat Treating Oven

Heat handling oven is usage to heat the stuff up to 760A°C - 1370A°C

It has the map to command the temperature and force per unit area of warming.

The box furnace can manage exothermal, endothermal, and enriched ambiances including air, N, and Ar.


Finally, the blade will undergoes machining procedure as the coating procedure. After the heat-treated blades are cool, they are polished and sharpened. Polishing is performed by machine in our instance. A level belt smoother is used to bring forth a smooth coating to the sides of the blade. This besides polishes out any Marks from the punch imperativeness operation and removes the surface residue from the heat-treat operation. Next the blade is placed into a grinding fixture that passes it through a series of crunching wheels. Each revolving wheel removes the right sum of metal to organize the border alleviation, point, rough border angle, and other characteristics of the working part of the blade. When the blade is finished with these stairs, it will be rather crisp and may look ready to utilize. However, the concluding sharpening stairs are required to bring forth a durable border.

Honing is the last procedure to take in. the crisp border of blade is produced by a all right grinding operation and called honing. The angle of the hone may be between 17 and 30 grades to the axis of the blade, depending upon the blade application. A smaller angle will bring forth a sharper border, but the border will have on and go dull more rapidly. A all right grinding hone, or `` rock, '' is oiled and gently rubbed on the knife border. This action produces the finest sharpened border.

Machine Used: Belt Sander

A belt smoother is a machine used to sand down wood and other stuffs for finishing intents. It consists of an electrical motor that turns a brace of membranophones on which a seamless cringle of emery paper is mounted.

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