Best System for Disaster Relief

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When a crisis like a natural disaster occurs, light is shone on the imperfections of collects ability to come together and act. In recent years there have been plenty of disasters to prove that the systems In place to deal with these crises are not effective and are in dire need of a new approach. The victims of these disasters are often made to suffer more than is necessary because of the ineffective plans in place to deal with what ensues after. The lack of coordination and planning that the agencies in charge of relief efforts show often cause the victims more pain, suffering and even death than the disaster itself.

When it comes to relief efforts, a socialist system is often suggested as being the best for responding to the needs of the people who are victims of these disasters. The reason behind this Is because the basic Idea off socialist system is a system in which the people come together for the good of the whole, not just the one. When a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake occur, criticism of how the situation could have been handled better always comes up, and the suggestion that the best approach for effective relief efforts is that of socialist system.

When the devastating earthquake struck Haiti In January 2010, reports of the, lack of Halted government's response flooded the media, There were rescue workers from around the globe attempting to save those who were still burled under rubble, while the Haitian government remained unseen and idle with no plan and no idea where to even begin with their efforts. Before this devastating earthquake occurred, Wait's infrastructure was practically non-existence.

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The little resources they did have were mostly lost in the rubble, not only actual supplies, but essential members of their police force and trained medical staff were lost too. They have nothing here, no Infrastructure, no support," says Francisco Morale, a Spanish firefighter working at the recovery scene of a hotel. "They are too poor. " But many say the earthquake has been made more tragic by government unpreserved. "Geologists knew we were sitting on top of a fault, and what did the government do?

Nothing," says Freedmen Isms, a consultant in Port-AU-Prince who says that he tried to rally friends and relatives to distribute water in the first two days when no relief efforts were anywhere to be seen. "You are on your own here," says Ronald, a car legman who does not want to give his last name but Is critical of the current government. "Every year there is a disaster in Haiti, and we have no rescue teams or plan. " (Lana, 2010 January 17) Haiti Earthquake: Angry crowds bemoan lack of government response.

Retrieved from: http://www. Compositor. Com. The ability of a socialist system to be objective and to take into account the needs of all makes it the ideal system to handle devastation left in the wake of natural disasters. There is no discrimination In terms of who gets what flirts because the focus of socialism is the whole, not the Individual. Take for example what happened In New York after Hurricane Sandy, social status and class were taken into account, "Like everything else, the allocation of resources has been directed to the top.

The city billionaire mayor and the utility giants made sure electricity was quickly restored to the New York Stock Exchange so Wall Street investors could continue reaping their profits. The lights were also turned on in the luxury high-rise apartments In lower Manhattan. Staten Island, one woman told the news media, "We are not getting help because we are a working class neighborhood and it's a kind offend for yourself thing. In public housing projects?without water and electricity for lights or elevators?residents have been forced to get water from open fire hydrants and lug containers up multiple flights of stairs in the dark.

One resident?a transit worker who had spent the previous 24 hours helping to restore the train system?told the WOWS, "Different classes get taken care of differently. " Opposing any significant allocation of resources needed to address this crisis, the politicians and the corporate-controlled news media have stressed the need for "self-reliance," telling victims the government Anton do everything and recovery will take a very long time.

Moreover, they say, the government is already facing a fiscal crisis that will limit the response. The Socialist Equality Party rejects these claims. This disaster demands a massive, socially coordinated response. The country's full technological, financial and human resources must be marshaled to provide immediate relief to those in need and rebuild homes, schools, businesses, and transit and infrastructure systems in the affected areas. " (White, 2012, November 2) A Socialist Policy for the Victims of

Hurricane Sandy. Retrieved from: www. Wows. Org. If relief is distributed by the U. S. Government in the way that it was for Hurricane Sandy for any other disaster that may occur in the future, I fear to think of what that means for humanity. Yes, there are flaws in a socialist system, but could we not stand to derive some of its better attributes and apply them to our way of handling situations like the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Strain?

In situations where our greatest responsibility to one another is to act compassionately to our fellow man, is it too such to think that we are capable of shying away from our natural tendency to be selfish and Just push trivial things aside to help one another in times of great need? Things like the rise in cost to heat our homes in winter would not be a topic of discussion in a socialistic society, but in the United States, where we have a capitalistic system in place, the laws of supply and demand play a relevant role in just about everything that we need.

The amount the supplier of the crude oil has to pay to purchase their product factors in to the amount they charge the consumer. Along with that, you must also factor in the demand for their product, the increased demand allows for the increase in price because in supplying the consumers with their product, they are depleting their stockpile and must replenish it in order to be able to continue to keep up with that demand.

Then there is the matter of the company actually turning a profit, so the already increased price because of the increased demand and possible shortage in the product, goes up even more so. It's just an infinite loop that goes on year in and year out. It is understandable that impasses who provide us with heat for our homes want to make a profit, but think of the many that cannot afford it and have bear the harsh cold of winter without heat.

Why don't they apply for the government assistance program? What happens when they do apply and they are told that they do not qualify or meet the requirements? Although there is a program in place to assist those who cannot afford the increase in price that occurs with the increase in demand for heat, there are still those who have to endure the cold and the rejection of a government who regulations that do not necessarily apply to all those who need help.

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