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Ben Carson Essay

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English 52 3:00pm class Faith Ben Carson today is a neurosurgeon that once was just a young black kid from the ghetto with no knowledge of anything the world. Today he is one of the most inspiring person in the world, he was the first neurosurgeon to separate conjoined twins from the head, without bleeding to death. He had no dad, and a mom with psychiatric problems. He faced a hard teenage and childhood, in his life he faced problems from racism, anger management, and poverty. This book shows us how having faith with no fear of the unknown, this book ould lead anyone to have a successful spiritual life and career. His faith led him to go through all the struggles and come out successful. Ben Carson had different experiences throughout his childhood, and having faith led him to go through struggles. When he was just a boy, his father left him, his brother, and mother, because of another family he had. As a child Ben tried to figure out why his father had left them for another family, Ben used church as a way to escape his problems.

He began to really have faith, when he heard the preacher talk about a missionary doctor; from then on, his faith set him on a path to become a doctor. There also came a time where his faith was put to the test. At 14 years old he struggled with a bad temper. All the hate he felt from his dad leaving him was in his heart, and he had never let it go. One day at school, he sat listening to classical music when one of his friends made fun of him and was going to change the music.

Carson, with all the hate he had, he pulled out a pocket knife he had bought and aimed for his stomach, he hit his friend’s belt buckle. He ran home and thought to himself he was crazy. He got home and locked himself in the bathroom and prayed to God to take his temper away and he prayed and sang, “Jesus is All the World to Me. ” From then on his faith only became stronger, and whenever he felt anything negative, going back to this moment made him feel better. God gave him a second chance to life and make more of it. From then on, he knew he was going to be an instrument of God to save people.

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When he went on a job for the university to recruit students with his current wife, he almost had an accident while falling asleep on the wheel; he felt relieved and thanked God for helping and giving him yet another chance to life. His struggle through Yale University, when he couldn’t find a job, his faith and willingness helped him find one. Even in his junior year, when he had no money, he walked through the university, thinking and asking God how he was going to make it through, and, just like that, he found 10 dollars in the ground. He knew God was guiding him through and watching over him.

In another school year, when he also went through rough economic times, he then again walked through his campus to see if he would find money again, but, no luck, his university did a test of honesty and said that all of the test the class had taken, had been burned in a fire his whole class, there were notices posted some of the students just said, that they will just say they did not see the post. Carson was the only one left and the teacher and a photographer came to take the picture of the only honest student in class and right then and there the teacher handed him a 10 dollar bill.

As he grew older and became a doctor during surgeries and he felt lost his faith helped him and believed God would guide his hands and even though he did have times, he failed, his surgeries he had faith, that made him strong to overcome it. At the end without faith he wouldn’t be where he is at today. In my life, without faith I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Ever since I read this book, it has inspired my faith in a spiritual and professional way. I have gone to church more often and found the peace I was looking for.

I no longer have temper issues, either. I have been more successful in my job and will soon be getting another job. I have been dedicated more, and I don’t make sudden decisions, which only benefits me. My faith has also made me outgoing in my career. I never give up finding a solution to a problem. There’s a saying that says “faith can move mountains. ” I believe that Ben Carson is a perfect example of this, and it’s an example that I am following step by step in school and work. When I feel frustrated and ngry, I let my faith intervene and help me get through my own struggles, My marriage has also gotten much better. I have set my life goals based on this book and I know I could achieve them. There is a saying that says faith is the last to die, and that’s the difference between hope and faith. I believe those who hope wait around for things to come out good or wait for things to be handed to them are the ones who never step to the world of the unknown because of fear and like of faith. But with faith you have to put in your work and not give up on your goals.

Ben Carson made it from the ghetto to being a successful, respected Neurosurgeon; because of his faith, he never once stopped believing in himself. His mom’s faith in him also helped; she knew he was going to be special. I believe we all have our destiny this life and that God has set a path for us, our choices, decisions and faith are the ones that decide our path. I will follow my own path just as Ben Carson did; I do not where it will take me, but I know that faith will keep me on the right path. Because faith is the last thing to die.

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