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It has come to our attention that you have noticed an inadequate amount of cookie and chocolate in one of our products that you have purchased. I would just like to inform you that we put hard work and long hours in making our products have the best quality. However, during the production process, there are times that the chunking equipment for nuts, chocolates and cookies would be inconsistent resulting to uneven ratios of ingredients put in the ice creams.

In line with this, we will be forwarding your concern to the production department so that we can continue to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers and prevent these things from happening again. To compensate your dissatisfaction, we would gladly refund the cost of the one pint of ice cream that you have bought. We will be sending you a check via mail as soon as possible. You would most likely receive the payment within two weeks. Meanwhile, regarding your query about our dairy operations in Nevada, the management decided to set up there in order to supply our products to ice cream eaters residing on the West Coast.

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Through this, we would be saving energy and money because there will be no more need to transport milk from coast to coast. Also, this is our way of helping the environment because this will help in reducing carbon emissions caused by gas-powered vehicles. Despite this strategic move, we still want to assure you that Ben and Jerry’s is still committed in practicing our rural values and displaying our Vermont roots through our products. On another note, we are happy to hear that you support our stand against the use of milk from cloned cows.

More so, we appreciate that most of our customers express their viewpoints on critical issues such as this one where our food and health are at stake. We, at Ben Jerry’s, really do appreciate your inquiry regarding these matters. I hope that you will still continue to patronize our products because we will never cease to put our best in making Ben and Jerry’s the ice cream brand that you can trust and enjoy! Sincerely, Alice Blachly Customer Affairs Coordinator/

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