Believe in God and God will Protect You

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When evil reaches its peak, God showers its wrath on this mother Earth; these are not just the spoken words but each and every word of it is formulated as the voice of God in Bible through the story of Noah’s Ark and the Flood. This story in itself is a lesson for human beings to always incarnate, within their heart and soul, trust for God.

In this world of today where man has generated immense wealth for himself but along with it, greediness has also taken over his soul. In this egoistic and greediness attitude, he often forgets, he owe his life to the nature and to the nature only he has to return. He has covered his eyes with the clothes of ignorance and this ignorance does not allow him to see the consequences of his actions and results and when the situation goes out of hands, it becomes impossible for him to escape the wrath of God and nature. Bible’s stories are not only the stories of bygone past but also the story of today’s generation.  Noah’s story holds true not only in the contemporary society when it was written but for many generations past, and has relevance even today.

This intricate nature of greediness has never subsided from man and to prove the point I will tell you story of a trader for whom it was popular that wealth would never vanish from his lockers. He was living with his wife, two sons and a daughter whom he adored a lot. Among the entire tradesmen, he was the richest and most respected of all.

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Day in day out, he was getting richer as if Goddess of wealth had showered all her blessings on him, but at the same time, pride and greediness had also occupied his soul. He would often boast of his wealth in front of every one who would come to his house or just pass him on the way, but he was ignorant of the fact that the way he was getting richer would one day become the cause of his doom too. In the quest of power and wealth, he even began to cheat other traders and his old time customers and dealers. In almost all the meetings, he would make fool of the people and take advantage of their simplicity.

He would evade the law with impeccable perfection but he was possessive of his children and showered love on them but his egoism appeal never allowed him to have faith in God. In their whole family, it was only his daughter Sara who was different then others, as she was the most religious girl and would often be seen indulging in prayers and thanking God. She would often get rebuked from other members of the family and she with a smiling face would try to explain his father the power of prayers, but his father would often ignore her advice. Though man is possessed with all the materialistic wealth yet each man is suffering from moral debility and spiritual desiccation and same was true with Christopher.

One day as he was so engrossed in revering his wealth and counting again and again his earnings, he did not realize, at the back corner of the room just behind his television, spark began to immerse out of the electricity wire and, when he was aware of the situation, it was too late. Wire hung from his television set burst into flames engulfing the entire room. He was not able to breathe properly and with great difficulty managed himself out of the room but soon fainted.

After two hours when he gained consciousness he found himself at the hospital bed, and when he asked about the condition of his family and house, he was at the same time surprised as well as shocked. The fire had gushed down his whole room as well as adjacent rooms but there was only place in his entire house where fire did not even touch, it was his daughter’s place of worship.

When Sara’s room also caught fire, she instead of running away closed her eyes, folded her hands to pray to God and traced her step towards her place of worship where on one platform stood Jesus’s framed photograph. She kept her cool and stayed near her Jesus while whole room was bursting with fire. All her belongings reduced to ashes and only things, which remained intact was her life and the photo of Jesus. This is a power of prayer.

All the property of Christopher gutted down and the only thing left with him was the remembrance of his past days and his own family. He was now a poor man. One night before this incident, God had appeared before him and warned him to mend his ways else he would be punished, but he ignored the voice of God. Now when facing the abject poverty, he remembered this dream with remorse in his eyes. He now bowed his head towards God seeking pardon and redemption of his sins. Only one good thing he did in his life time and that was his true love for his family. So in this crucial period of his life, his family was with him taking care of him with utmost devotion.

Bible through the story of Noah’s Ark and the Flood, warned the people to mend their ways, else they had to bear the God’s wrath and there won’t be any escape for them. In the story the people of the whole town were rich but were greedy and capricious. God send Noah time and again to warn these area against the wrath of God. But again and again they would refuse to accept the advice, as pride had already blinded them; instead they began to chalk out measures to protect themselves from the danger of floods.

They said if God would send the flood of fire, they knew the way to protect themselves; if the flood of water would gush from the earth below or from rivers they would cover it with iron rods and if floods fell from heaven, they had means to protect themselves from that too. Christopher was greedy too and began to think himself above God.

One hundred and twenty years were given to these people because near them lived a very pious and religious man, Methuselah. As long as he and other pious men would live, God would save them from destruction and wouldn’t shower any curse upon them. But when Methuselah died, still God gave them another week to mourn his death.

During this week, there was complete change in workings of nature. Sun rose in the west and set in the east, and God even gave dainties to the sinners to show them that they would soon die and had to leave all their luxuries behind, which were being provided by the mother Earth. Even then sinners were adamant and when other religious and pious men too died, God began to show his signs of fury.  The whole area was flooded and only those people and animals that believed in God entered into Noah’s newly build Arch and got saved. Sara too just like Noah and other living beings was saved as she went into the shelter of God. It is aptly clear that greediness is a main culprit of man kind and whole hearted trust in God is a blessing for them.

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