Being Thankful for What We Have / Gratitude

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Being thankful for what we have / "Gratitude" There are a lot of things in my life that I am thankful for, but most important thing is that I have a great family and loving parents. There are many things that I don’t normally realize which I still take for granted like having my own car and attending Christian Brothers High School. I am greatly thankful for my family because they are always going to be here for me no matter what. Also, my family is loving and always willing to do anything to help me if I am in any need. There a ton of kids in this world that is my age those don’t have a loving family or just not well-off.

I have been hoping to attend college and hopefully get a degree in engineering and also a personal trainer. There are many kids my age that can’t attend college because their family can’t afford it. I take many material things for granted that give me enjoyment such as my laptop, iPod, iPhone, my trainer, and a gym membership. I am thankful to have a great trainer and a gym membership so I can get big, bulky, lean, cut, in shape, and to get ready for my competition in May. Also, other thing that I can’t for granted is having my own car to drive to school and take out on the weekend to have some fun or hang out with friends.

I am grateful for not having to work and have a job to help support my family. I am grateful for my mom because of all the things and work she does around the house and help out the family as much as she can. She keeps the family rolling/going and always remembers everything when everyone doesn’t have no idea about things. I am grateful for my dad and how much hard work he puts into his farm to give support and good living for the family. I help my mom and dad as much as I can because I will never be able to pay them back for all the things they have done for me.

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I try to help my family as much as possible to keep it going even when I like it or not. I am grateful to be an bodybuilder and other things I do because I am in good health/shape and be a normal human being without any impairments to my body. I am grateful that my whole family is in the best health as they can be. I am thankful to be able to go on cruises and trips to other countries with my family and be able to enjoy it and have a great time. I am grateful for the great friends that I have fun with, hangout with, and know they will always have my back no matter what it is or what goes down.

I am grateful for everything that I have in my life and wish it could always stay the way it is right now. Also, to always love my parents with my whole heart and be there for my friends and family no matter what it is. Hopefully one day that I will have a wife in the future that I will be able to love with all my heart too and be content with everything no matter what it is. I'm thankful for all the beautiful, rich, loving and all the things that I am able to do and have in my life right now. I will always show love, thanks, and appreciation to all the things/gifts that will be giving to me.

People just like me need to learn from their mistakes and just grow from them like all the sad, disappointed, and painful things that have had happen to them. When people think that everything that they have or has happen to them or other things is a gift from God which is being thankful and gratitude is. My life and others is like a gift from God because he was the one that brought us to this world. It is great and thankful thing to know God, who/what he has done for us and this world. People shouldn’t worry about anything because God will do the things for us which he thinks is right and will take care of us.

God will give/provide the things that everyone should have in life and what is right to have. People know what is right and wrong, so they have no excuse. I said this before but I will say it again I am very thankful for the school I go to, my family, all of my teachers, and my friends. God is the main reason why we should thank him because if it wasn’t for him then we won’t be here today and have all the things that we are thankful for like our loving family. Everyone should live every day, one day a time and for the God and Jesus Christ.

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