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Being Safe Online

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Computer Ethics Reflection Many people may think going online is safe, but it can be very hazardous at times. You need to know how to protect yourself online, and avoid cyber bullying. While you are writing a paper for school, you need to know what academic honesty is. Cyber bulling is the use of the internet and/or related technology to hurt other people, in a recurring, and aggressive method. Cyber bulling is very common these days. People do it to get a little laugh, but never think twice about what emotional impact it can have on the other person.

Many people say, “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. ”, and it may seem like good advice but it isn’t. When people cyber bully someone, they think it is funny, and since words are just words nobody will get hurt, but they are very wrong. Cyber bulling is not harmless. People have committed suicide over it. Some people who cyber bully think that it is impossible to take it too far, because they are just messing around.

But the truth is cyber bullies take it to far when just the thought of cyber bulling runs through their heads. If you get cyber bullied, the first thing you should do is ignore it; maybe they are having a bad day. If it still continues you need to block them, for all you know they will not stop. The next step, if it still carries on, is to tell an adult. There might be times when you think you parents don’t know anything, but they are her to protect you. If you do not want to tell your parents, tell a teacher or you guidance counselor.

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Any adult can help you. Sometimes, it may still go on. In this case, you need to save it and print it up so you have proof. If you participate in cyber bullying, there will be consequences. Sometimes the person who you cyber bullied might commit suicide. If you get caught, you will be in massive trouble with the police. Keeping yourself safe online is very vital. Just by giving someone your first name, that person can track you down. Going online itself can always be dangerous.

Do not give out your personal information. Personal information consists of your name, phone number, e-mail address, your parents name, your home address, and et cetera. When someone sends you a request, and you have never met them face to face, DO NOT accept them. This does not mean that you go and meet them somewhere! Always be respectful, and use appropriate language. Do not swear or call people out of their names. Passwords are also something you should not share with ANYONE besides your parents.

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