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Being honest can seem very hard to do, but will make things very easier in the end. Babbles Nicole proves this very effectively and makes It very evident by the end of her short story. She shows that lying only causes stress, trouble and places a very large wedge between friendships. It's generally assumed that being honest the first time around will prevent that. Lying causes stress, trouble and separates friends, being honest at first will prevent that and make you a better person for the future because an ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

KOOK and Bendable, two main character of Absinthe's short story, become curious one day before school and decide to start a lab experiment of their own with the schools stuff. Upon doing this, they break a thermometer and decide to hide It from their teacher, Mr.. ABA. Once discovered, Mr.. ABA gave all the kids in the class a chance to be honest so they could avoid punishment, but to no avail. "Since no one has owned up; I'm afraid I shall detain you all for an hour aftershock" (Nicole 3). Mr..

ABA wants to teach the kids honest and is using peer pressure to do so. With KOOK knowing this, he begins to feel the unbearable pressure of those around him and wants to confess of his crimes to relieve the burden that's been haunting him. ABA, decides to do a Bible and Key ritual to catch the liar, he selects Kook to hold the bible for him because of his honest face, and this Just petrifies Kook even more. "Trembling and shivering as if ice-cold water had been thrown over him" (Nicole 5).

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This causes Kook to have a reality check in his head because he was selected to hold the bible and he as a arson doesn't really seem like he can go on much longer keeping up that lie. Lying not only causes stress, but self-inflicted mental wounds to the liar as well. Not only does lying cause stress and pain In the liar, but It can also cause pain and stress among others as well. The kids in the classroom begin discussing amongst themselves trying to determine and deduce the culprit from among them.

They begin to suspect a kid named Bass and begin to ridicule him because of it. "Someone threw and book at Bass and said "Confess... Yes, He must've done it" (Nicole 7). Bass immediately became the prime target of the other students because he was early to the class that day, and although not said, It might be because of his Armenian ethnicity as well. Even the teacher will show some prejudice later on. Anyway, after constant ridicule from the students, Bass gets a Cut across his forehead from all the thrown objects mixed in with all the yelling and taunts. A small cut had appeared on his temple, he was bleeding "now they will hate me even more" Base is in tears because he already has trouble fitting in amongst the kids, but now that they think he s responsible for them missing the game, the will dislike him for even more than Just his Armenian heritage. So not only does It hurt the liar, but It affects others In negative ways as well. Lying is a big wedge between friendships as well. Kook is the more mature of the two, whilst Bendable is a child. Bendable wants to just lie and forget about the incident but Kook has other ideas in mind and it begins to tear them apart. . 0 need to shout, old man. After all, it was your idea" m{o started the argument, don't be childish" (Nicole 8). Kook wants to tell the truth because he's beginning to realize It's the right thing to do and Bendable objects strongly. KOOK begins to progress morals. When KOOK informs Bendable of his intentions to tell the truth, Bendable threatens him like a child. "He told Bendable that he was going to confess Bendable had said threateningly that he better not mention his name" (Nicole 8). KOOK is not only learning honesty is better, but it is beginning his progression into the future but Bendable wants to hide like a coward.

This pries apart KOOK and Bendable even more ND thus shows that honest is better than lying than being a child about life because you will never progress into the mature future. Lying causes trouble, stress and pain in the liar and in others. Being honest will prevent most of those negative outlets and will even further you as a person much more than you would think as shown in Babyish Insole's As the Night the Day. KOOK realized honesty is best and progressed into his mature future and away from childish Bendable because an ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

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