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Being Successful in School

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Max Pickel 2/19/10 Final Draft Being Successful in School With the help from your impressed teachers and the praise from your parents, all you need now is to get into a good college and continue your schooling into a career of your choice. So, when you try hard in school, and succeed, your grades will steadily improve which then affects the way a college will look at you. In case you don’t know, a college will look at your cumulative GPA in order to decide if you are acceptable for their college. So, this is where all that time and effort in high school pays off and gets noticed.

In comparison, if you had taken high school lightly and not succeeded you would have had to go to community college, work harder than you ever have for two years, then transfer out to a university. That is a lot of work in the long run and in all reality, it would be significantly easier to just take high school as seriously as you can. When you put forth that much effort into high school a high-quality university has a better chance of noticing and accepting you because they can see how hard you are willing to work and your high school grades will display your work ethic in a very positive light.

In conclusion, being successful in school is only going to benefit you in the end. You will make your parents proud, make your teachers happy, and colleges will take notice of your work ethic and grade point average. I may be only half way through my junior year in high school but I already know the effects of getting first-rate grades and reaping the benefits. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s achievable to anyone who sets their mind to it and works hard at it.

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Being Successful in School

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