The Importance of Proper Coaching Relationships

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Bad Coaching Bad coaching is a generalized term used for several effects that are considered depraved decisions made by any coach on and off the field. Such decisions can result in players having a lack of respect for the coach, game losses, the coach being fired, and a tainted reputation of coaching. Coaching is only difficult to those who are not willing to sacrifice the time and energy that goes into being a suitable coach. Coaching is not an average job. It is easier to be an unfitting coach then a decent coach. Lack of respect comes from the coach not initiating the correct form of relationship between the player and coach.

It’s not inappropriate to develop a friendship with the players on the team as well, but the coach must set the boundaries between the two relationships. If not, the player or players will not respect the coach and nor take responsibility to see the vision of creating a successful team. The players will do as they see fit, disregarding what the coach says what needs to get done. Creating a proper bond with boundaries is a must in gaining the respect of the players. Game losses originate from the coach not having control over the players and being incapable of keeping them focus on the main goal.

With the players unable to focus, they will most likely get into altercations with other players of the opposing team and even with their own. Game losses are not something to boast about. Enabling the players to focus will minimize the number of losses in a season. The last results of bad coaching are being fired and have a tainted reputation of coaching. These results seemingly come from the showing of no control over the players and most importantly to some organizations losing records. Being fired is very embarrassing, as being terminated from any job.

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After being fired, it damages the reputation of the coach. For the coach, it will be more difficult to obtain another job. Reputation is everything in search for a coaching job. Being fired and having the reputation of a bad coach will make it nearly impossible to recover from. In conclusion, Coaching is not a hard job. Coaching is only hard to those who are not willing to put in the long hours and patients to making the job easy. Be sure not to make any mistakes as so many coaches have done in the past. The lives can be altered if not done properly.

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