Writing and Proper Supporting Points

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I have always used writing as method to express myself. I wrote for self-pleasure instead of Just to complete an assignment. I knew that writing and being able to express myself would help me to further my education. Before my first day of Composition one, I imagined having a lot of papers to writing in such little time. However, it turned out to be a great experience. Composition one taught me how to improve my writing, expose me to different types of essays and how to overcome difficult tasks. Composition one allowed me to recognize the strengths and weakness in my writing skills.

Three of my strongest essays assigned this semester are what you will be viewing in my portfolio. These weren't easy, but having the proper guidance is what made the difference. The workload did get hectic at times, because I found myself trying to transition from one genre to another. For me, the idea of outlining a proper thesis really helped me to write well. I would experiment to see if the quality of my essay would be better if I Just wrote about the topic. I realized that if I properly outlined my thesis, it would give me a path on which I could build my essay.

I would use the number of supporting points that I had, to be the amount of paragraphs I would have. By doing this, the structure of my essay would be better. If it wasn't for my Professor focusing on getting the thesis correct. The task of writing and essay would be an extremely difficult one. At times, I felt as if I should Just write without paying attention to the thesis but Just as most things, I got used to outlining it. The first essay we were assigned was a literacy narrative. This was a personal essay for me to complete.

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The literacy narrative allowed me to recollect situations rom my past and put them on paper. IVe always done this, but I didn't know that things such as a thesis and proper supporting points would make for a better essay. I learned that the key to a great literacy narrative is to show instead of to tell. The use of details is important in a literacy narrative as it gives the reader the feeling of actually being in the situation. My second essay was an evaluation. It required me to be very critical of a certain webpage. Usually when I visit webpages I Just go there to use what suites me.

My mind wasn't open to the site layout, how it differs from other ebsite or what could make it better. By doing this essay, I am now more in tuned to the smallest details in forms of writing that I would happen to come across. I am a soccer fan; I enjoy watching, playing or even talking about the game. IVe always wanted to pass on the passion for the game to others. My third essay was a proposal. This essay allowed me to put my dreams into perspective . 1 was able to help a group of coaches learn more about the sport. With that knowledge, they would be able to pass it down to the children.

The passion I have for soccer made the proposal the asiest essay IVe done since the semester began. This essay didn't have as much restrictions and rules to it, so it allowed me to interact with my work. I used life situations to bring forth my point. I enjoyed intertwining life with a thing so simple as writing. Of course, by writing over and over, one will get better at it. That wasn't the only way I gained strength and confidence in my writing abilities. Having great feedback from you're pairs is very important. We are all humans and the opinions of others affect us in either a good or bad way.

I received feedback from my peers, the utors trom the writing center and my protessor. Those different perspectives on my work brought to my attention the things I need to work on. Composition one was definitely not the tedious class that I thought it would be. I didn't think I was going to be groomed to be a better writer. The different exercises that we were exposed to made the class very interesting. It was as if by writing a new essay, a new part of the brain was being activated. I enjoyed exploring certain thing than the other but the different skills that were being tuned made it worth it.

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