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Asking for Less Homework

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There are many important things in life but one of the most important things is education. Although education is really helpful, getting extra things to do like excessive homework makes it boring. Specific studies show that excessive homework makes students and parents hate school. People say that having more homework is good for students as it helps them get higher marks and be more responsible. They also say that more homework will make students revise a lot, so you remember explanations better.

They prove that by doing more homework the parents would be able to get involved more with the student's educational life and be able to help them. Elders think that by giving students extra homework they will be able to be independent thinkers and know that they can learn things outside of school. However, I found that all these above findings are untrue. More homework won't make you revise more or get good marks, it will make you tired, sleepy and exhausted and leave no time to revise for quizzes or tests you have on the next day.

Students don't want to be responsible now, in their future life they will be responsible. Parents would make it worse if they try to help their children to understand something as they might explain it differently and get the child confused. Students should have less homework. They need time to be with their family. They want to have a life for themselves and want to be active e. g going to the cinema to meet friends and play sports. We would enjoy simple things like having more sleep so we can go to school fresh the next day.

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Researchers have found that students finish their homework and stay up late at night so they can have some free time. In fact some teachers have found that more homework makes the student hate the subject. The student becomes pale and bored as he has been studying his whole life. Well, teachers should ask themselves if they want us to be active and do homework together, it will never work. Ask yourself : "Do you want your child to be constantly pale, sleepy and tired? ","Do you want to see your child so fat as he eats and eats and doesn’t have time to exercise? Think of all the questions related to this, and you will find the answer to none of them. In conclusion, I would like the school to think about students rights and having less homework is one of them. All principals should remember that teens and kids want to have fun, they don’t want to be responsible now and do hard work. They will be responsible later and will have to do extra study to get good marks but when they want not by forcing them and punishing them if they don’t do it. Think carefully, and you will eventually agree with my beliefs.

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