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Do More Advancements in collecting information, spending cost, and daily incoming data is ever growing. Moving forward in business needs can and will grow your company. As the world evolves in many aspects of life, the needs of a company's evolution are also a part of those changes. We once rode in horse and buggies and using that horsepower, developed into a much faster more efficient way of travel. Stepping into the technological world of business will also create that for your work environment.

The components of the system hat you recommend including input devices, output devices, and storage. There are multiple components to a system that allows you to get the best use of your computer. Common daily uses of mail, cal and contacts are interchangeable between your Mac and PC. The compatibility of the Mac allows you to open most files from software that a PC uses. There are a number of input devices that can be useful to enhance your technology. The use of trackballs, multiple mouse options to suit the needs of the user, and scanners that will allow you to digitally store forms and paperwork.

Sending hose to different departments for their use decreases the need for paper and reduces storage room for paper files. Planning for the storage of these files is important. A structure for backing up information or data is a must and can benefit for a quick reference no matter the date of the file. Organizing the process is critical at the start of the implementation. Having multiple ways to store information from a simple jump drive, to complete system back up storage in the need of systems failures.

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Maintaining a regular process of backing up information or having a default system to automatically ace up critical data is a safe, onsite way to returning to normal operations in a short matter of time. Using cloud storage of information can be another option with security measures in place. Having the ability to plug into the cloud to access needed data from any part in the world has unlimited possibilities. With the use of mobile devices, you are able to access, create, and update inventories. Hand held scanners and bar code scanners will allow instant updates to the entire on hand account of needed inventories.

This will decrease the time it takes to reorder products and assist in maintaining real mime sales possibilities. The mobile devises that have screens will allow employees to view documents and if they have touch screen capabilities, you have a mini mobile computer for processing information while you are on the floor. The operating system, utility, and application software that you recommend. There are comparisons between using Windows and Mac (SO X) operating systems. According to differ. Com, the most common is the PC using a Windows operating system.

Pros for using a system that is Windows based are; it is used by more people at home and businesses, and has more f a common knowledge from most that use a computer system. Cons for the PC is the continuing need for upgrading and security issues. Since multiple companies' manufacturer the PC, security breeches are more common on a Windows operating system. The Mac, which uses the SO X, has one manufacturer, being Apple Inc. , and offers platforms that have less of a signature for mallard because of the lower exposure to hackers.

According to multiple sources, both systems are in need of security software to ensure the safety of your system, but for now the Mac is less of a target (Mills, 2010). There are multiple standard utility software programs to maintain the systems within your Mac. Disk utility, network utility, terminal, CPU monitor are a few examples. The utility software performs the maintenance-type tasks that are related to managing your computer. There are hundreds of utilities listed in the Mac App Store on the tunes web site.

Depending on what your needs or wants are, you are able to get them and keep them updated with the touch of a button. With the latest SO X operating system, my recommendation for starting your business is the MS Office program. It is imputable with both operating systems and can be used and applied to fit all of your companies need. In the Office program, you are able to use Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powering presentation and to organize your daily office activities; Outlook will keep your daily events easily available for reference.

SO X is well known as the easiest-to-use of operating systems, Apple's SO X still deserves that title. It's also the king of content creation. Like Linux, it's a variant of Unix, and shares many of its benefits. However, its high price tag is a deterrent for many businesses. SO X and any of its applications are optimized around creating content, whether written or visual. It makes the process hassle-free, seamless, and pleasurable. And the emphasis on user interface is unparalleled. This SO is much more stable than any Windows system.

Users of SO X have access to much of the vast available library of free, open source software. While the amount of SO X mallard is increasing, there is far less than that which targets Windows machines. However, users should still take reasonable security measures. The initial cost of investment may turn off many businesses from adopting SO X as their main operating system. Apple tends to update SO X about once a year. The annual cost of chasing these upgrades can add up. SO X runs only on Apple hardware.

While this hardware tends to be state of the art, if there's a hardware platform you'd rather use, it's not an option (Alexander, 2014). The company's communication and network needs. With multiple departments having the need to access information and data at the same time, setting up a server to provide your clients, (computers within each department), is a quick and easy open door to the endless information Agway to the Internet. Setting up your server will also network your access to multiple output devices such as printers and scanners.

This reduces your cost of the hardware itself, plus saving thousands of dollars on ink cartridges and paper use. Establishing your companies network, links your business information together again having all needed data, which is gathered in seconds compared to hours and days as before. Securing your server and setting up parameters only allowing what you want the employees to access on the Internet is also an advantage to keeping the company files safer. There are multiple ways to network your company. A common use today is using wireless technology.

The systems you begin with and the installation Of a wireless router Will save on having the need for physical wires being install in the building. Although a LANA is necessary, the more wireless systems you have, the less for cost of hardwired computer stations. There are advantages to being plugged into a LANA system, as it increases the speed of your access time on the Internet. The more wireless systems that go through the router, the slower the access, so planning your stations is a key advancement to increasing your productivity for your departments.

The database management system that you recommend. The need for data input is necessary to upkeep current status of multiple areas of your business. The database management system that works well with the Mac is software called Filmmaker Pro. According to filmmaker. Com, Filmmaker Pro will allow you to input a wide variety of information that can be used in multiple ways. There are flexible design tools; multiple platform sharing, reports and charts can be created. Being able to link this data to added departments and sharing secure information for reference is capable.

Being able to use and share mobile devices with a free app download puts all of your current information in your hand, retrievable at a touch. The key to making any database management system successful is the constant upkeep of the information. Data entry is a steady flow process that has to be maintained. Maintaining a secure, single source entry point will keep all information accurate and up to date. Putting password protection on certain information will only allow departments, like Human Resources, access for protected needs.

You can maintain HEAP laws and insure that those who do not have the need to see them do not see personal files. About development of the information system In formation Establishing the information system your company will need can be calculated by each department. Using the systems that will assist each departments needs and having the ability for them to reference the same software will allow maximum use of resources and assets. Sharing collections of data techniques will align your company's information for easily retrieval.

With the different informational needs from each department, developing worth-term and long-term assessments of data can insure all of your needs are met. The enterprise integration of the new information system. As information and data comes in, the managers will have the thrill of bringing what the company needs from ground level upwards. Being able to plan, by establishing goals and deciding on strategies and tactics that are needed to meet those goals are essential. Organizing the company resources will allow you to meet the goals that are planned for. Directing the company towards achievement of the goals set can be done in numerous ways.

By erect communications, the use of the newly installed technology, or the recommend process of using them both, will be a step towards success. Overseeing and controlling the process is crucial in maintaining accurate positions of the company's progress. Your recommendations for harnessing the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web to give the company a competitive advantage. According to Churn, small businesses only benefit from the use of the Internet. The Internet, being the powerful tool that it is, can make a business more productive and profitable.

When using emails and he Internet effectively, a business can be helped to streamline activities, establish easier communications with customers, and even generate new customers or clients-?all while helping to reduce business expenses. Using Internet resources for your business, can reduce, or eliminate the need for traditional postal mailing and all of the costs associated with that contact method. The Internet makes it easy to stay in contact with your customers via email and online networking tools such as; discussion boards, chat rooms, and social networking sites like Faceable.

Using Internet communication lolls effectively, you can keep up a continuous dialogue with customers and prospects. The Small Business Association (SABA) explains that even small mom-and-pop shops can generate additional business with a no-frills website and by posting in newsgroups. You can send special offers and announcements to existing customers via email, send links to your online catalog when a new product is released, or post virtual coupons via social networking sites. Application Service Providers (ASPS) provide a variety of ready-made applications to help you run day-to-day operations in your business.

These Internet services help with finance management, inventory control and human resources, allowing you to lower costs while also reducing the time and labor force needed to run the business. ASPs can assist with streamlining customer support requests as well. Providing online product documentation and frequently asked questions, for example, enables your customers to get support twenty-four hours a day, without engaging a customer service representative. Setting up your business on the Internet can be a lucrative way to attract customers, expand your market and increase sales.

Advertisements can announce special events your company is sponsoring, contests, and special sales or discounts (Burns, 2014). Web browsers based on the 'point and click' principal which is so popular in today's software, are freely available over the Internet and allow access to all the World Wide Web has to offer. It is not only the order that the Web has brought to the Internet that has made it so popular. A great deal of its attraction stems from its excellent user- friendly front-end. Web pages can contain graphics, photographs, sound and even video clips in addition to plain text.

In his book devoted to the Web, Winder (1995) states that there are at least 5 million Web pages in existence today, with more and more being added all the time. The Web is believed to be growing at twice the rate of the Internet as a whole. Web traffic increased by in the year 1994 (Cookbook, 1995). According to Internationalists. Com; around forty percent of the world population has an Internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than one percent. The number of Internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.

The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion was in 010 and the end of 2014 will reach the third billion. The chart and table below show the number of global Internet users per year since 1993: Stepping into the enhanced world of technology is a wonderful, productive, and cost saving experience. Developing and maintaining records and company assets, establishing a process that will not only reduce cost but the organization of information, creates a better atmosphere of all members and how they feel about the improvement of the company.

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