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My name is Love and I am looking to start a new small business. I know they are risks for both of us if granted this special loan. I am knowledgeable that banks are conservative and often very selective as to which business they approve for financing.

But under my circumstances, I have extremely convincing reasons and expatiation. I am almost utterly convinced you will not be disappointed in this letter of granting me this loan of a low amount of ten thousand dollars that your company will not regret. The market for this business is selling and renting of extravagant formal dresses. Our company has dresses from top designers and for every special occasion. Love Boutique has fitted for celebrity weddings to even red carpet wear. Our company has even been advertised during a super bowl Sunday. Giving us all these great experiences will help us run further in the future.

My customer base and overall market include expanding our store to the other side of New York. If my company moves to the other side of New York will are destined to get triple our business. New York is a huge city filled with wealthy citizens. We are ready to expand and to expand the right way. I am investing $ 50,000 of my own money. My collateral of my business assets having a fair market value of $35,000 and personal assets valued at $55,000. Please review the attached business plan which details the reasons for the loan request. If you have any questions, please contact me at (800)-666-0000. Sincerely,

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