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An Argument Against Online Classes

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Students would not benefit from being able to attend classes from home. Attending classes from home would cut off the student-teacher connection that classrooms allow students to have. Online classes reduce social interaction between students; this makes it harder for students to find ways to express themselves. Having classes online promote an idea that life can be fully lived within one's home, as no one would have to leave the house to do what's needed. Online classes would not benefit the students because it eliminates student-teacher interaction, reduces social interaction between students, and promotes an idea of seclusion that will not work in the real world.

Online classes restrict and cut off student-teacher interaction that is vital for certain students to learn. Video chatting is an outlet that allows teachers to have some one on one interaction with a child; this is not helpful as the kids that require one on one interaction are more often hands on learners, and can not grasp the content through a video chat. Students are unable to ask specific questions if they are not embracing the lesson. This inhibits the ability to learn as it is impossible to get extra help with a specific subject or lesson students might not understand. For example, if I do not understand a topic, I am able to meet with a teacher after school, or in Midlo Morning to get a better understanding of the topic; with online classes this is not possible. By reducing the amount of interaction students can have with the teachers, students education would suffer.

Classes on the internet would reduce social interaction between students. This same problem exists with students who are home-schooled. Although the education may be fine, students are limited by the internet and constant staying in their homes, that they won't leave and communicate with other students their age. Having these online classes creates a barrier between the real world and school. An argument would be made that their would be extracurriculars that students could participate in, this is invalid as having online classes would completely eliminate all the clubs and organizations that are created in the schools today, for example, acting in a play. Parents may be able to drive their kids to school, but many students would suffer as they would not be able to go to these activities as their parents might be at work, and they would have no way to get there. This extends to my last point, which is that online classes promote seclusion of people, making them not want to leave their homes. It would be very difficult to get children out of their homes, as it would become their comfort zone, making them secluded to all that is going on around them. The argument to this is that these children would be able to go hangout with their friends, or do the extracurriculars. This argument is irrelevant as kids would have no way of making friends, due to them staying in their homes to take online classes, and they may not be able to go and participate in the extracurriculars. Classes on the internet are harmful for these reasons, and should not be put into any school system.

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Overall, these reasons show the public why having online classes would only damage students, and the environment around them. Without well qualified teachers that kids can talk to for extra help, and correctly designed lesson plans, the education of the youth will suffer. Children who are unable to get out of the house due to parents working, or other problems, would suffer the most as they would get no social interaction throughout the day. All these problems outweigh and disprove the reasoning to take online classes, and have video chats. If the school systems were to have video chats and online classes, the education of the youth would be terrible, and when the youth suffers, the future suffers.

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