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Arranged Marriages in the Book A Bride in Renaissance Florence by Alessandra Macinghi

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Perspective is a person's point of view. It is important to the study of history because a person's interpretation of the facts and or situation can sway the tide of events. Selecting a Bride in Renaissance Florence was written by Alessandra Macinghi Degli Strozzi in 1464-1465. Marriages were often brought together for family or monetary reasons. When marriages were arranged, there was purpose in it, those involved did not reject.

At this time, arranged marriages were very common. Neither men nor women were allowed to choose whether or not they wanted the marriage. Marriages were strictly political. They often sealed political alliances, brought families together, and helped families find successors to their practices. Arranged marriages were to be dealt with by each side and they had to go through it whether or not they wanted to. Women had very limited rights and few opportunities for any autonomous action.

Kent argues that the best documented society of early modern times, men restricted women's lives, but as almost obsessive record keepers kept account of them. Men were like stalkers to their wives. Why weren't women allowed to have a say in their lives? What did they benefit from being kept against their desire? How did men physically treat their wives?

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Alessandra Macinghi Degli Strozzi talks about the requirements that men must have in order to be arranged with women from wealthy or political families. When the man and women marry, there is a small dowry given to either the man or women depending on the size of their family. Women nor men rejected because they knew there was something there to soften the deal, and that breaking the marriage would bring shame to the family.

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