Are entrepreneurs made or born?

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I have been ask to write a report on are Entrepreneurs made or born I have choose this topic because I feel that every important to find out and by research if entrepreneurs are made or born. This was I difficult question. Here are my findings The life of an entrepreneur In pursuit of their dreams, entrepreneurs often work long hours for very little money. But more than by money, entrepreneurs are motivated by their passion to achieve a dream; their reward is the continuing reinforcement of their belief in themselves and the value of their ventures.

For me it's the passion for my culture which is my primary inspiration. Recent thinking suggests entrepreneurs are part of a larger group of entrepreneurial people, only some of whom want to start businesses. Virtually anyone can be entrepreneurial by pushing creative limits, trying innovative approaches to work situations and welcoming problems as opportunities. Through this process, entrepreneurial people take control of their lives, gain personal satisfaction and become more attractive to prospective employers.

Today's economy rewards the innovative problem-solvers-people who embrace and manage change. Budding entrepreneurs who sell their skills to the highest bidder do so on their own terms, in their own time- and them like it! Worry about job security takes a back seat to the freedom to move on, stay fresh and cherry-pick opportunities. And best of all, the world now welcomes dreamers, whether they start their own businesses, or merge their dreams with someone else's business. Also read about British airways organisational structure

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Jobs may come and go, but entrepreneurial people invest their security in their growing bank of skills, ideas and experience-and no pink slips can take those away Some people are born to be Successful Human beings are the most enterprising creatures on this Earth. In addition, we dominate this planet thanks to the enterprise we have shown over thousands and thousands of years Indeed, without enterprise, there would be no progress and we would still all be living in a Stone Age world.

Life for most people in the Western World today is so safe, comfortable and bland, that there is little need to show any enterprise. That is not true for everyone on Planet Earth however. In many Third World countries for example, spare parts for vehicles are often in short supply or too expensive for many people to afford. Yet vehicles in the poorest of countries keep on running thanks to the incredible enterprise and ingenuity of back street mechanics, many of whom have had no formal education whatsoever.

Nothing is wasted and even the most unlikely of objects are recycled to provide the part or tool required to get the vehicle back on the road. We are all born to be entrepreneurs; we all have the potential to achieve amazing things, but that flame that burns so brightly inside every one of us at birth is all but extinguished by the society we live in, as we get older. Our education system for example - where we spend ten or more years of our childhood - does nothing to nourish our entrepreneurial spirit. You may also be interested in reading "Are entrepreneurs born or made essay"

Its main aim is to produce wage slaves, people who will go from cradle to school to work to bus pass to grave without rocking the boat, without bucking the system. Education without knowledge as it has been described. It is not surprising to hear that the likes of Richard Branson did not do well at school. In addition, it is not surprising that Bill Gates left Harvard early and then went on to become the richest man in the world. Interestingly, those who cannot or do not conform while at school often do not have the entrepreneurial spirit knocked out of them.

By the time most of us leave formal education however, we are conditioned to accepting our role in life as a wage slave. In addition, of course once we sign up for a mortgage, credit cards, a car loan and all the other trappings of "wage slave success", we cling on to our wage packet for all we are worth. The pressure on us to conform - even from well meaning friends and family - means that even the thought of an alternative way of life can seem daunting. However, none of the above alters the fact that we were all born to be entrepreneurs.

The Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Perhaps the most significant characteristic of entrepreneurs is their passionate attachment to their product or enterprise. They find it relatively easy to work long hours, often for less than they might earn in the corporate world. Corporations that have lost these individuals have lost the value of their successes as well as the value of their failures, which often drive them to work even harder. Entrepreneur characteristics (personal attributes) are ingrained aspects of one's character distinguishing them from other people.

Entrepreneurs tend to be independent, self-confident and resourceful, they believe in what they are doing and they can convey this confidence to others. They relish challenges, struggle to overcome obstacles and they are committed and determined in all the tasks they undertake. Very often, they display initiative or business acumen at a young age such as doing jobs in the neighbourhood or undertaking enterprising ventures in sport or music while still in school. This apparent dynamism and need for achievement is often related to their position within the family, relationship with parents, and domestic environment.

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