Strained Father-Son Relationship and the Impact of War

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April Morning Writing Assignment Adam Cooper and his father Moses do not have a good relationship. Moses expects a lot from Adam. Adam feels like his father hates him and does not approve of him. Adam's mother asks him why he does not spend his free time reading the bible like his father did when he was younger. He is constantly getting nagged by his parents. Adam believes in superstition and his parents do not approve of it. If Moses were to try and understand Adam a little more and be easier on him I believe their relationship would be better. They both need to meet each other halfway. If they were to sit down nd talk about their disagreements their relationship would improve. Watching the scene where the British open Fire on the colonists on Lexington's green affected me in certain ways. When we were blind folded and caught of guard when the fireworks were thrown it scared me greatly. I can only imagine what it must have been like to watch so many people die, especially friends and family. War is a scary thought and to experience it first hand must be even worse. Thinking about the pain of the people who's loved ones died on that war is very sad to me. Also thinking about the pain the actual people in the war had to endure is upsetting.

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I believe the point that the author is trying to make at the end of the movie is that Adam is now a man who has to make his own decisions. I feel that it is a bittersweet feeling for Adam, because his father dies, but now he is the boss of himself. Adam's family was very upset that his father died, but very thankful that Adam was alive. The war changed Adam and his family's lives completely. Even though in the ending of the movie no one was talking, it was still obvious as to what was going on. Overall, this was a great movie and taught me a lot about war around that time period.

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