An Analytical Essay Homeless Older Adults and Oral Health Care

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2023
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In the article "Oral health and access to dental care among older homeless adults: results from the HOPE HOME study," Freitas et al. (2018) examined the prevalence of and factors associated with oral health measures in a sample of older homeless adults in Oakland, CA. The research problem being addressed is to evaluate people experiencing homelessness who have insufficient resources for regular dental hygiene and a high risk of tooth loss, including smoking and substance use. Although this article generated important outcomes indicating that older adults without a home experience poor oral health and poor access to dental care, replicability, sample size, and self-reported use are limited.

From July 2013 to June 2014, Freitas et al. (2018) have used a sample from all five homeless homes in Oakland for 350 homeless adults 50 years and older. To receive eligibility, participants must be fluent in English, aged 50 years and over, be identified as homeless and must be able to provide informed consent. The HOPE HOME study is a longitudinal study of life events, geriatric conditions, and association of health outcomes among older homeless adults. This study focused on the health and social impacts in a population-based group of older homeless adults in Oakland, CA and the prevalence of tooth loss, oral pain, denture fit, and poor oral health.

In a population-based assessment of 350 homeless adults aged 50 and older, the technique performed a cross-sectional analysis, in which qualified researchers performed structural interviews based on validated issues relating to sociodemographic behavior, health, and health status. In addition to evaluating the self-reported dental loss, oral pain, and unmet dental care need. Multivariable logistic regression was also used to study variables with half or more missing teeth. The study tailored oral health issues from Oral Health Impact Profile - 14 (OHIP - 14) to evaluate oral pain and problems with eating and sleeping due to oral pain.

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The research concluded with disclosure of tooth loss and oral pain in older homeless adults. Age, alcohol, drugs, and usage of tobacco are correlated with tooth loss. The results of the study showed a significant correlation between homeless older adults who experience poor oral health and have poor access to dental care. Over half of the participants were missing at least half of their teeth and half reported oral pain in the past 6 months that prevented them from eating and sleeping. Along with smoking and substance abuse increased the odds of having lost half or more teeth. Dental care ranks among the homeless population as one of the most significant unmet needs (Freitas et al., 2018).


The title of the article was suitable and clear as the whole article built up a comprehension of oral health and access to dental care among older homeless adults. The target group was older homeless adults aged 50 years and older that could speak English along with complete informed consent. The abstract and introduction gave a clear representation and portrayal of the study and additionally was in the right format. While the study has justified, the methods should be reconsidered. The intensity of the study needs to be expanded by obtaining a larger sample size, using clinical exams instead of basing information of participants self-reports, along with replicability. Generally speaking, this article is very straightforward and well-written with an important message for those who are homeless and access to dental care. This study, when taken in general, is applicable and exceptionally persuading in principle, yet never spreads out a solid method for moving toward this unpredictable issue.

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