Soldier X Book Report: A Journey of Survival and Seizing Opportunities in WWII

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Jacob Fair Mrs. Hazen English 3 2 December 2011 “Soldier X” Book Report The book I read is Soldier X by Don Wulffson. The book is set in Germany and Russia during World War II. The story is told in first person from the point of view of Erik Brandt. The main character, Erik Brandt, is the protagonist and there isn’t an antagonist because the book is about Erik’s journey during World War II. The conflict throughout the book is Erik vs. society as an external conflict. I believe the conflict is resolved when Erik and Tamara are injured by allied soldiers.

I think this because Erik and Tamara were both injured and put in a hospital together outside the war. They are able to make up and run away to America and start a new life there together. I think one theme that was expressed in this book was that most success in life depends on keeping your mind open to opportunity and seizing it when it happens. I think this is one theme of the book because Erik takes advantage of several Situations throughout the book. During the beginning of the book he states that since he can speak fluent Russian he is able to interrogate prisoners of war, which allows him to spend less time on the battlefield.

He also takes advantage of his situation when he is wounded on the battlefield and knows he will be killed if he is found, so he takes a dead Russian soldier’s uniform and puts it on. Then when he is found they will send him to the hospital because they will think he’s a Russian soldier. Toward the end of the book Erik and Tamara take advantage of the fact that they’re injured, from the fire fight they got caught in the middle of, and they are able to escape to America because of it.

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Yes, I would recommend this book because it’s an exciting action book but also because it shows how Nazi soldiers were brain-washed into their way of thinking but that they didn’t always agree with what they were fighting for and if it was their own decision they might choose to leave. I liked this book very much because it’s good if you look at it from an action stand point and an educational stand point as well. I would recommend this book for male teens and adults because I think teens would be interested in it for the action but adults would be more interested in the history part of it.

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