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Polish migrants’ difficult journey to Australia after WWII, as portrayed in Crossing the Red Sea poem

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They faced extreme weather conditions and pirates attack on the sea, when they arrived in Australia they get paid poorly and work long hours. The poem "Crossing the red sea" by Peter Crooknecks talked about polish migrants had to leave their home and their past experiences of war and destruction after World War II. They are forced on a journey to Australia by boat. They have to sail through the Red Sea and cross the Equator. It is very difficult for them to speak about their experiences and memories and to hare their sadness and stories.

An example that supports the idea is "Peaks of mountains and green rivers that shared their secrets with storms and exiles". This example showed that during their journey, mountains and rivers are the only things who would share their secrets. This example also showed journeys are challenging by using personification, it described mountains and rivers as human being who would share secrets with people. Every text has its own way of communicating its ideas to readers. The "Crossing the red sea" used a poem format to communicating its ideas while 'The happiest refugee" sing a novel to express its ideas.

The memoir "The happiest refugee" by Ann. do encountered by Vietnamese refugees and their journey to Australia. The Vietnamese refugees traveled on a crowded fishing boat with mostly children and women. Their boat got attacked by pirates twice and left them with nothing but trapped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a boat of Vietnamese refugees. When they finally made it to Australia, Ann.'s parents worked so hard to feed the family. Because Ann. couldn't speak much English he's often been teased at school. "As if they'd choose someone to be school obtain who has nits" is an example of people teasing Ann. at school.

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Because he's from a poor Vietnamese family, people make fun of him at school. This is the difficulty Ann. has to face in his life even though he made it to Australia. Just like Ann.'s family many people in the world are facing different challenges every day and some of them are life threatening challenges. The features article "I've lost all hope that I can have a life here" highlights the challenges faced by Sir Lankan family after the civil war ended. In Sir Lankan thousands of families had been destroyed in the civil war.

Women are being harassed and abused and men are facing finical problems. The biggest challenge for them is to cope with every days life and the quote "My dream is to give my children a good environment and education" emphasis the difficulties they're having in Sir Lankan. These texts have communicated journeys are challenging and difficult. The best text that demonstrates journeys are challenging is "The happiest refugee". In this text composer used different types of examples to demonstrate their difficulties which successfully communicate the ideas to readers.

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