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Adverts are important in every day society because, they inform the public about new products on the market. Products can be advertised through Television, Internet, Radio, Newspapers, Football shirts, Billboards, Leaflets and Posters on Transport, just to mention a few. The timing of these advertisements will determine the price a company has to pay for an advert slot. A prime time slot is likely to cost more, and so fetch the TV Company a greater profit. I will compare and contrast two separate adverts and look how each advert looks to deliver their message.

The first advert I analysed is Maybelline Turbo Brush Mascara. In frame 1 we see a black sports car on the streets of New York. The car is prestigious and fast, which represents the quality of the mascara and how quickly it dries. In frame 2 we see a cut of a womans eyes in the rear view mirror of the sports car. A male may be drawn to the advert because of the fast car or the womans beautiful eyes, and a male may be tempted to purchase the mascara for his girlfriend or wife in the hope that it will make their eyes look like the womans eyes in the sports car. In frame 3 we see a cut of the woman giving a 'come on' look to a male driver behind, this would suggest that women wearing this mascara feel sexy and are attracted to fellow males.

Frame 4 shows a cut of the car rev counter which shows a dial which goes up to 5 times, which symbolises how much Maybelline mascara will increase your eye lashes by. In frame 5 we see a pack shot of the mascara which says on it, volum' express turbo Boost, Black, this cut gets the product name and what the pack shot of the mascara looks like, pictured in your head. In frame 6 is a shot of the black sports car speeding along the road, which brings back the thought of the speed that the mascara dries and the colour of the mascara. We also know that the man she was earlier giving a 'come on' look to is trying to catch her.

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In frame 7 we see that the man has caught up level with the woman in the sports car, she is smiling and flirting with him. This fame is basically saying that if you wear Maybelline mascara all the males will be after you. Frame 8 shows a shot of the womans eyelashes thickening so the viewers know how much thicker their eyelashes would look like if they have been applied with Maybelline mascara. In frame 9 we see another pack shot of the mascara turbo brush but this time the product is spinning, yet again this advert brings back the thought of the car, because the spinning mascara is supposed to resemble the spinning tyres of the fast black sports car.

Frame 10 shows a shot of the womans eye filling up the screen, looking beautiful and females who see this frame will be thinking I have to get some of that mascara so my eyes will look like hers. In frame 11 you can see that the woman has pulled away from the man chasing her because she looks in rear view mirror, this frame shows that the woman is in control. Frame 12 shows the pack shot again, it is trying to hypnotize you so you recognize what the mascara looks like.

Frame 13 cuts to the woman looking out of the front of her car. Frame 14 shows the woman from a side on view and then from a front on view with her smiling, and then there is a jingle, maybe she's born with it or maybe it's Maybelline. It's trying to say maybe the woman in the sports car was born with thick and lush eyelashes or maybe its Maybelline turbo brush mascara. The second advert I analysed is Green Flags breakdown cover.

In frame 1 we see the Green Flag breakdown van driving around the hectic streets of London, behind a double Decker bus, the reason that the Green Flag van is driving behind a double Decker bus may be because the bus is a service and Green Fag is a service. Frame 2 shows the breakdown van driving under a small dark stone bridge; the reason being that underneath the bridge it is dark which resembles that Green Flags breakdown service runs throughout the night as well as the day, the bridge creates a insecure atmosphere which shows the viewers that Green Flag are prepared to drive in unsuitable and out of the way places. And during the end of this frame a background English male voice quotes 'Green Flag a nationwide breakdown service', to tell the viewers where the breakdown service offers assistance.

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